Weekend Review

Well hello Monday you sure did come fast!!! 

Friday Lily Jane had a school performance.. She was the only kid that did anything. I was scare that she would see us and would not do anything. The other kids started to cry and wanted their mommies and daddies. Lily Jane sat in her spot sang all the songs and danced around!! She was so cute. Then we had dinner with my in-laws and let Lily Jane get ice cream :)  She loves her DADDY!!

Saturday- We had one of our good friends son's 1st birthday. It was a bitter sweet birthday because they are almost leaving Tuesday to move to New Mexico. We had so much fun at the birthday but deep down I was sad knowing she was leaving for 3 years!! I will miss that girl so much but, know God is taking them on a new adventure (vacation) and they will be back!!! It's so fun to watch all of us have kids and our family expand!!! We have the best group of friends :) They are the best and will be there for you at any minute. Seeing our kids grow up with each other just warms my heart!!!

Sunday- We went to Church and then always do family lunch afterwards. We had a blank wall in Lily Jane's playroom. I been looking for a fun picture to put in her room. Then I decided I am going to get a blank canvas and let her pain on it. It will be more meaningful and she will love seeing her artwork on the wall!! So she couldn't wait to paint and put her painting on the wall. She was so happy and excited to see it :) 

Happy Monday 


  1. She is seriously precious!!!! :) What a fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like she did awesome in her performance! What a fun weekend!

    1. Yes she was a star lol ;) Glad she actually did something

  3. Yay for a fun weekend and I looove Lily's artwork for the playroom. There's nothing better than it being personalized. ;)