Mother's Day- Happy Friday

April is almost done and we are entering MAY!!! Mother's day will be approaching us very soon....like next weekend!!I really want to spend time with my little one that made me become a MOM. I think it is so special to do things with her... Yes it would be nice to have tons of stuff, but I want to make memories with her that she won't forget!! Here are some items that I would love if I was asking for things.....

We are going to go to Jacksonville for the night and then to the ZOO!!! Lily Jane loves animals and what a better way to let her see ton of animals.  I am so excited to spend this time with her...

What do you want for Mother's Day?????


Waiting On Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!! I need more time in a day... We have been so busy lately that I would love to just take a day off... Sleep in....Drink my Coffee in peace......Go work out...... Go to Lunch with my husband..... Go shopping by myself....Take a bath.... :) and just rest...... 

What are you thinking about today... If you had a whole day to your self what would you do??


Weekend Review

I know it is Tuesday.. I am running behind on our Weekend Review... We have testing this week in 4th grade so its been crazy....

Friday- We hung out and rested. We had a busy week last week and just needed some family time. Friday's are usually our night to just rest and hang out as a family..

Saturday- We had a playdate with one of Lily Jane's friends. They are so cute playing together. We have an indoor play center where the kids and just run around. They had a blast. We then had Dance Picture. They were so cute in their little dresses. They have a recital in May!! I can't wait to watch them on stage!! Here are some out takes from it. I can't wait to get them back
This weather has been so nice lately that we have spend our afternoons paining, blowing bubbles, and grilling out.. I just love it. We also went to get snow cones and she loved it :) I mean loved it

Sunday was church and hanging out. We also went door shopping. We need a new front door. Picking out a front door is hard.. I have picked one I want, now trying to find it is the question!!!!



Today...I need a little Prayer.. I have to make a big decision about my future.... I will share all the details when I can!! Just been a huge decision that I have needed a lot of answers. Trying to take a Leap of Faith... Changes is very scary..


Thoughts for Thursday!!!

I know that Jess has canceled Confessional Thursday after someone has steal her pictures and posed as her. That makes me so sad.. How can someone just take all her pictures and pretend that is her and her life.. I don't understand what is wrong with people. How do they think this is right. I hope they get in trouble for doing that..

It makes me think about what I post.. or even use watermark. I guess it can happen to anyone, just so scary.... This world is scary

I love blogging from all the amazing women I have met that I don't want to stop but will think about what pictures I post. How do you watermark your pictures? 

I confess.......I ate a whole tub of Gelato Ice cream this week.... (IT WAS SO GOOD) and it was a small tub.. 

What is your fav flavor??? 

I confess.. I hit my snooze button 4 times this week and was almost late for work :( I love sleeping 

Happy Thursday!!!! 


What's Happ "Pinning" Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. I am linking up with Jen and Jessi for What's Happ "pinning" Wednesday...

AHHH.. I am looking for an interior designer... I have e-mailed like 5 people and have never heard back.... :( Sad face. I want to redo our Master bedroom. I want to keep all furntiure but add pieces to make it more bright and feel like an ADULT MASTER BEEDROOM :) I would love a farmhouse feel. Here are some rooms I am loving

*ANYONE know an interior Designer that maybe does e-design or over the internet!! Or any of you girls want to help me :) Please let me know


Weekend Review

Well hello Monday you sure did come fast!!! 

Friday Lily Jane had a school performance.. She was the only kid that did anything. I was scare that she would see us and would not do anything. The other kids started to cry and wanted their mommies and daddies. Lily Jane sat in her spot sang all the songs and danced around!! She was so cute. Then we had dinner with my in-laws and let Lily Jane get ice cream :)  She loves her DADDY!!

Saturday- We had one of our good friends son's 1st birthday. It was a bitter sweet birthday because they are almost leaving Tuesday to move to New Mexico. We had so much fun at the birthday but deep down I was sad knowing she was leaving for 3 years!! I will miss that girl so much but, know God is taking them on a new adventure (vacation) and they will be back!!! It's so fun to watch all of us have kids and our family expand!!! We have the best group of friends :) They are the best and will be there for you at any minute. Seeing our kids grow up with each other just warms my heart!!!

Sunday- We went to Church and then always do family lunch afterwards. We had a blank wall in Lily Jane's playroom. I been looking for a fun picture to put in her room. Then I decided I am going to get a blank canvas and let her pain on it. It will be more meaningful and she will love seeing her artwork on the wall!! So she couldn't wait to paint and put her painting on the wall. She was so happy and excited to see it :) 

Happy Monday