Yay it's FRIDAY

So happy/sad that it is Friday.... Next Friday I will be going back to work to get ready for my first official day back to work Monday March 10th.....

1. Parenting......

Becoming a Mommy was the best, most rewarding, and stressful job I got.. No one prepares you for it. Lily Jane is now 3 months old and each day I am learning to be a better mom. I had the hardest time comparing myself to all the other moms out there and that was the hardest thing I ever did. I needed to STOP and just be myself and do what I could and not compare myself to any other moms. I found out quick that there was a lot of things we don't see about other peoples lives. It is nice to get advice from other mommies and take what works for us and our lives. I want all the new mommies, mommies or future mommies out there to know it is ok to struggle, be down, and not think that you are doing things right because no one is going to judge you. JUST DO THE BEST THAT YOU CAN AND JUST LOVE YOUR CHILD!!!!! God will help you through it, LET HIM HELP :) 

2. Trying to get ready for Summer but all I can think about is this........
After having a baby it has been hard to get the extra weight off. Trying to find time to work out and just can't seem to find time. Mommies how do you find time for your self and work out????


I am so happy that Andi stood up for herself..I am glad that she spoke out and did not keep the relationship going when she did not feel like it was there. I was about to die when he said "it's ok...." That drove me crazy.. I heard ANDI is the next Bachelorette   .. What are your thoughts? 

4. So glad Grey's is back on. Also Glad Suits is about to start back..... What are your favorite shows??? 
 I love Grey's, Suits, Duck Dynasty, Heart of Dixie, Housewives, and  House Hunter 

5. Everyone needs this.... How cool is this 

Voice-activiated grocery list... Say what you need while it's on your mind and a week later when you go to the store it will print the list off for you :) So when you are in the kitchen going through things you can talk to this and that way you can remember what to wear. 


Grey's Anatomy

How many of you guys out there have been waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start back!!! I have... I can't wait to see who Kepner picks. I just had a feeling that Jackson wanted to be with her and still had feeling for her... What are your thoughts :)



Lily Jane 3 Months

Dear Lily Jane,

You are 3 months today!! You weigh 10 lbs 11 oz :) getting so big. The doctor told us that you have cows milk protein allergy, which means NO dairy for Mommy.... It has been a struggle but mommy would do anything for you. You are still eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and sometimes once at night. You go to bed at 8:30 and sometimes wake up at 4:30 but most of the times you wake up at 7.. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you..You are not a good nap taker, you may only take a nap here and there for about 30mins sometimes you shock mommy and sleep for an 1hour. We are trying to move you to your crib but you still are not liking your crib. You are still wearing some newborn clothes but they are starting to get tight. Most of the clothes you are wearing now are 0-3 months and sometimes you wear 3 months clothes which are huge on you... You are still wearing size 1 diapers and getting those cute little rolls around your thighs... You are starting to talk to mommy and daddy and play on your mat more. Your SMILE makes mommy light up. It is so adorable and you know just when to smile at mommy or talk to her. I just love it :)

Miss Lily Jane you are starting to hold your head up and you love to be outside and go for walks in your stroller. Oh my, have you found your hands you love to suck on them all the time. You also love to be held all the time!! When people put you down you start fussing. You still love bath time, if we would let the net down that you sit in you would be kicking everywhere.

This month you got to celebrate your first Valentine's Day with Mommy and Daddy.. You also had your first Valentine Gavin.. You also went on  your first road trip down south to Papaw's house. We also, got to visit with Uncle Cody and your Great Memere.. We also took you to the beach for the very first time. It was 87 degrees down there. At first you were unsure of the beach but then I think you started to like it. I can't wait to take you to the pool and beach all summer. Your mommy love the beach and pool!!!

Mommy has to go back to work in 2 weeks and I am very sad. You will be staying with LuLu and Nana so it will be a little easier.. They will love to get to spend time with you!! I love you


5 on Friday

So excited to be apart of this link up.. So glad these lovely ladies started it DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha!

1. This week I went down to West Palm Beach to visit my dad and brother. I was MIA from my blog because we were spending family time with my dad and brother who we never get to see. We had so much fun. We took Lily Jane to the beach, it was her first trip to the beach... I think she LOVED IT!!!! I can't wait for the summer when we can go to the pool/beach all the time!!! 

2. I am in love with my new eye shadow platte  :) I had the Naked Urban Decay 1 and now got Naked Urban 3. I also found some great tutorials on different ways to use this eyeshadow HERE

3. I live in Florida and I am loving our 75 degree weather. I can't wait to be able to take Lily Jane out to play outside on the weekend or even take her to the pool. She loves to be outside in her stroller. I am also, loving the new bathing suits at Target.. Here is a look at some of my favorites. 

3. I live in Florida and I am loving our 75 degree weather. I can't wait to be able to take Lily Jane out to play outside on the weekend or even take her to the pool. She loves to be outside in her stroller. I am also, loving the new bathing suits at Target.. Here is a look at some of my favorites. 

4. Duvet Covers- I am really wanting to get a new Duvet Cover and only know a couple of places to look. So far I have narrowed it down to these two..... Any suggestions on other places to look...

Pottery barn 

West Elm 

5. I am so excited that Spring is coming.. I see all the cute Easter decorations out and makes me so happy. I love bright colors and all the flowers blooming :) 

Happy Friday!!!!


5 on Friday!!!


This week has been a rough week. Lily Jane has a Cow's Milk Protein so in other words I can't have any dairy and my husband has been traveling so its been a long week.. It is so much nicer when he is home. We also have a DR appt on Monday both Lily Jane and I, so been stressed about that.. Just hope this weekend will be relaxing.. So for this 5 on 5 will just be this sweet picture of Lily Jane and TEAM TEDDY!!!. 

We will share Team Teddy!! I think it is important to make awareness of Menkens Syndrome also known as a "kinky hair syndrome".  It is a rare disease that affects app. 1 out of 450,000 male babies. If you want to learn more about it you an check out Hello! Happiness as she has more information about it. My heart goes out to this family, and I just pray for healing and peace as they go through this difficult 
time. Now that I have my own baby I could not even imagine. 

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and Weekend!!!!! 


About me

I think it is neat to be able to get to know other bloggers a little bit better. I am starting this ABC so other bloggers have a chance to get to know more about me :) If other Bloggers would love to do this and want to link my blog in their post that would be great and keep it going so we can learn more about each other!! ALSO ADD YOUR LINK BELOW!!!!!!!! Happy Wednesday. All you have to do is take the template and add your own answers

A-  Age: 26

B- Birthday: July 22nd

C- Color: Lime Green and Navy- Hint my wedding colors :)

D: Drink: Diet Coke and Coffee

E: Essential Item: My Planner and iPhone- My life would be a mess if I did not have these 2 things

F: Flashback: When I was in college we use to take girl road trips and we would have a blast, not really have a plan on what to do when we got there other then to relax

G- Gent:  Channing Tatum and he is such a cute daddy!!!

H- Hobby: Traveling, Monogramming, Shopping, Crating

I- Indulgence: Dark Chocolate

J-Job: I am a 1st grade teacher- most stressful, crazy, and oh so rewarding job.. I love the kids I have like my own and miss them each year

K-Kiddos- Lily Jane almost 3 months old on Sunday- The love of my life

L- Live: Florida :) sometimes I wish I lived in TN or back in NC where there was snow :) I love snow and true seasons 

M-Music: I love Country Music and sometimes I like music like Jack Johnson when I need to de-stress or am doing like yoga 

N-Nickname: Chels

O-Overnight hospital stays: The only time is when I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl :) Best hospital stay ever, but was ready to bring her home since we got woken up every like 5 minutes by a nurse 

P-Pets: No pets, to much work if you want to just leave for the weekend!! 


R-Right or Left- Right

S-Siblings: 1 Brother Cody, who has become by best friend. We use to fight all the time growing up now we are so close and I love it 

T-Temperature: I am Hot and Cold all the time, I can never make up my mind 

U-Univeristy: Flager College- Elementary Education Saint Leo- Master in Ed.Leadership 

V-Vehicle: Mazada CX9

W- Worst Habit- slurping my coffee

X- X-Ray: I have not had any fingers crossed :) 

Y- Yuck: I am not a big Feta cheese person or collard greens, lets me honest I am such a picky eater that I could go on and on.....

Z- Zoo: I love a lot of animals at the zoo- Lion, Monkey, Seals, Penguins 

Now it is your turn!!! Happy Thursday 


Happy Friday!!

So excited to be apart of this link up.. So glad these lovely ladies started it DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha!

1. I am so excited that my book Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband came it. I can't wait to read it. My goal this year is to study Gods word more and to be a better wife to my husband. I know Elise over at Cheers Y'all did a link up for this book study, and I was so sad that I was to late and did not get the book nor had the time since I had a newborn. If anyone wants to do a Book Study/Link-UP with me please let me know!!! 
You can buy your book HERE

2. I am excited that the Winter Olympics started last night. I love the Summer Olympics the best, but I can't wait to watch Ice Skating and Snow Skiing.. I can't wait to watch the Ice Skating Team Meryl and Charlie!! GO USA 

3. Dinner has been extremely hard lately since I am on this No DAIRY diet :( due to Baby Lily Jane has a milk allergy. I put a roast in the crock-pot and it turned out so yummy. You only needed 2 indigents- A Roast and the Campbell's Roast mix. You can also add potatoes and carrots inside if you want to.. 
They make so many different sauces, this is just the one that I used!!

4. With Valentines next week I found this super cute and easy thing, I am going to do for the Hubby Valentines Morning. All you need is 2 bananas!!!!!
Isn't this adorable :) 

5. Pen-Pal- I was so excited to get a letter in the mail from Jenni over at Frankly My Dear ! It is so much fun to get mail :) Makes me so happy. I miss the days where we use to write letters to our friends and send them in the mail. If you miss those days and would like to be my Pen-Pal as well please let me know! I can't wait to get cute little cards to send everyone!!!