Weekend Review

This weekend came and went so fast. We will be in October this weeek...AHHH.. All our Fall decorations are coming out.. This is my favortie time of the year. I love to snuggle up drink my coffee and enjoy the nice weather.

Friday Night we let little Miss play outside and we had a pinic with her outside because the weather was AMAZING.. I love being able to just sit back and watch her and her daddy play it is the most amazing thing. She truly is a Daddies girl....

Saturday- We ran errands and had a playdate with a friend and her little ones. Lily Jane loves playing with them. They had a good time :) We than went to get stuff for my Trunk Show, then watched Football the rest of the day

Sunday- Was my First Fall Trunk Show for Little Sugar Plum.. It was a perfect day.. Everything turned out so nice.. My family helped out so much and I got to meet so many new mommies I loved it!!!!!


5 on Friday!!!

This week has gone by so fast. We had a mid-day break on Wednesday for a Fall holiday.. It would be nice if we had Wednesday off every week!! It was a nice refresher... This weekend Little Sugar Plum has a Trunk show and I am so excited for it!!!! Pics will be coming next week

1) Our sweet little one had school pictures last week and she insisted on wearing a certain outfit... Here it is :)

2) IT's FALL.. I am loving the weather that has come with the Fall season.. It makes me want to sit outside all day long with my coffee......Little Miss is Loving it tooo

3) One of my good girlfriends is having a baby in a few weeks and we had to shower that sweet baby girl!!!

4) Tomorrow is GAME DAY!!! Our team has a biweek so we will be going to shopping and running errands. My Husband is a HUGE TN VOLs fan so we have to be home by 3:30 to watch the game with him!!

5) In our entrance by the back door I have been wanting to build a mudroom/locker thing. I have been finding pictures of all kinds of ones. I have it narrowed down to 4!!! What are your thoughts?


Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous week. This week I am out of town traveling to West Palm Beach visiting my brother and going to the Luke Bryan Concert with my brother (last min decision so excited)!!  I love getting to spend time with family but miss my little girl so much!!

GO NOLES!! The Seminoles play Boston College tonight!! 

I am so excited we are having our first Fall Trunk Show next weekend.. So many fall clothes and accessories have been coming in, its like Christmas every day!! Remember to check us out!!
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OHHH LALALA Minted Does it AGAIN!!!!

I am so sad that Lily Jane's birthday is coming up.. How is she already almost 2 :( where does time go?? We are gearing up for her birthday party.. One place that I always turn for Birthday Invites and other fun stuff is Minted.com. They always have amazing cards and they are always trendy!! We also always get our Christmas cards from there!!

These are some of the Birthday invites I am looking at!! I had no idea that they offered decorations too. It is truly a one stop shop!! For a busy momma it makes it so easy to go to one place and not have to go to tons of other websites and everything matches!!

Here are some of our top picks!!
How darling is this PJ Party theme 

Floral Garden Party  

Since we have moved into our new house we have been looking for unique art work to go on some of our empty walls. Did you know you can buy artwork prints from Minted.com. You can buy them framed or unframed!!

Here are some of the ones we are thinking about ordering!!

Also, I like to get ahead start on looking at Christmas Card designs!! Here are my Top Picks!! Can't wait to share with you all the ones we picked!!! I like that these cards always come printed top quality and our family and friends always love them!! I also love that they give you Free Recipient address!!



Today I want to dedicate my post to all the Men and Women who fight everyday to protect us and our Country. I know so many families were affected by this and are still struggling to this day. I can't even imagine what they went through and still are going through. I just want to send a special prayer for them today and everyday that God continues to Protect them and help them through this.

Today is one of those days that all the problems I am facing is very small compared to everything else in the world. I am very grateful for all that I have, my Family, friends and all of you girls :)


Crazy Weekend!!

I was so excited that we had a long weekend. I think they need to make the work week a 4 day week forever.. I feel like I would get more done!!!

This past weekend I went to Tampa, St.Pete for one of my best friends Bachlorette party. We had so much fun. It has been a long time since I have been up to 3 and 4 in the AM!!! I am still trying to catch up on my sleep. I love being able to get away and hang out with the girls but man did I miss Little Miss..

We then went to visit my Granny.. She has been suffering from alzheimer for a long time now. It really has started going down hill where she wont eat and doesn't remember who we are. It is so sad, but I want to be able to spend as much time with her as possible. Lily Jane loves her ( she is named after her)
She was excited to know we had Monday OFF!!! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Tuesday


Kitchen Reno........

We moved into our house at the end of May and it seems like we are still working on it. When we started looking for houses we knew we could not get a brand new one with a big yard space. We knew we would have to go with an older home to get more lot!! Every house we looked at it was either already under contract or need $60,000 of work. When we found the house we bought I fell in love with it but it needed some work. There where some things that I can live with but the kitchen I knew we had to redo it.. This kitchen was the original kitchen... The green counter tops were not cutting it for me

I knew what I wanted to do but had a hard time picking out things. I have always loved white cabinets and wanted to do these cabinets white. I had a lot of different color and finally went with Dove White. It turned out amazing and I loved it.. Then we had a hard time with counter tops we kept going between quartz and granite. I really wanted marble but with a kid that was not going to happen. So we then went with granite after doing a lot of research.  One bad thing about picking granite is you can look at a sample and love it but then the slab dose not look anything like that. I would suggest gong to a warehouse and picking out the actual slab you are going to get because they are all different.. Here is the after pics.. We are still decorating and finding things to go in the kitchen