5 on Friday Continued...

Sorry for such a late post. It has been a crazy week.

1. We started school this week and I have 19 1st grades. In our district our consumables have not come in like our math books and reading books, so it is a little hard to teach with not all the right materials.


I got this sewing/embroidery machine last year and I have sewed a couple projects, but this week I am trying to learn to use the embroidery machine for Lily Jane. I love everything monogramed.. 

3. I tired a new recipe this week, and it turned out pretty good. It was chicken fired rice. Very easy to mix all in one big pan, and you were done!!!

4. Next weekend starts football season and I am so excited. Even though I wont be able to party like I use to, I will be able to have fun. I probably wont make it to the HOT games but will still enjoy the game with friends. 

5. Jeff and I are taking one of our last trips to the beach for Labor Day weekend. It is bitter sweet. We are going to enjoy spending time with just the 2 of us and go shopping!!!! I am so excited for a long weekend with my hubby....


Five on Friday-to be updated

I am sorry I have been slacking. I will be doing my 5 on Friday tomorrow.. It was my first week back to school and I got to meet all 20 1st grades. It is going to be an interesting year, let me just say that. Lily Jane has been kicking so much at night and I have not gotten a lot of sleep. This week was also my last week of Grad Classes.... Man its been a busy week..

Too be contuined 5 on Friday. Check back tomorrow for the update!!


22 Weeks!!

How far along? 22 Weeks, 
Total weight gain/loss:  13 pounds  :( I thought I was doing so good. I am still walking and started prenatal yoga
Maternity Clothes? I am still wearing all my tops and a couple maternity top because I am starting  back to work. I am also starting to wear maternity pants/leggings 
Stretch marks? No, I keep looking in the mirror every morning hoping I don't see one. I put lotion on every morning hoping that helps 
Sleep? The sleep comes and go it is getting worse as I get bigger 
Best moment this week: I got to hang her chandelier in the nursery 
Have you told family and friends? YES!!!!
Miss Anything? Cocktails with dinner or after a long day at work 
Movement: Yes... She is a night Owl and loves to kick. Daddy has not felt her yet 
Food craving: SWEETS!! I am DARK chocolate 
Anything making you queasy or sick: not anymore
Have you stated to show yet: my bump is getting bigger....
Gender prediction: ITS A GIRL
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out: In
Wedding Ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Weekly Wisdom: Don't get mad if everything is not perfect yet, I still have time 
Looking forward to: Having a decorator come in and look at her nursery and give me suggestions 


Nursery Update!

We tired painting the nursery GRAY and um.... it turned blue/gray I was so sad.. So we are trying to find a gray that is like a pure gray, we have looked at so many paints that I am getting tired...Also, her bedding came in and it was not the pink I was thinking it was going to be very sad.... Now back at square 1

Back to work :(

Man it is only Tuesday and I am exhausted.. Teachers started back yesterday. We started off by doing a team building thing outside (100 degree heat) I was so tired and my legs started to hurt. I came home that night an fell right to sleep. Now I have been having trouble sleeping :( I was always the person that could sleep anywhere. So today we had a guest speaker and had to sit for 3 hours and the ADD in me kicked in and I got antsy. I meet my students on Thursday and I also have a doctor appt.


Last Friday :(

1. This is my last Friday for the Summer :( I am very sad. Where did time go. I have to go back to work on Monday. I am very excited to meet my new class on Thursday though. I am a little scared of what parents will say when they see I am pregnant :(. I hope that it is a great year...

2. I am going to finish up registering stuff today. Are there any MUST HAVES that you have used with your baby that you could not have survived without?

3. I am going to go look at daycares for MISS. Lily Jane today. I need to get ahead and put my name on waiting lists. Where I live there are always waiting list for the good spots.

4. Tonight my husband and father in-law are painting Lily Jane's room. I am so excited. I ended up going with Grey Owl BM at 50%. I wanted her room to be calm
5. This weekend I also want to spend time with my husband. He has been traveling so much these past couple of weeks that I have not really gotten to seen him. We will have a date night tomorrow. Can't wait. Not sure where we will go.

Also I got to feel Lily Jane for the first time this week :)   


YAY it's Friday!!!

I am having to Post early because I am leaving and wont have my computer Friday 

1. I am leaving today for one of my best friends Bachelorette Party and I am so excited!! We are going to the beach and there will be 9 or so girls. It should get interesting. This is the first bachelorette party where I will be pregnant so I will be the DD for everyone 

2. I am getting so excited to start decorating Lily Jane's nursery. One of my friends made me a mood board of all the things I want to put in her room. Painting is the biggest thing we have to do now... 
Here is my mood board :) 

3. I orded a new MAC notebook and I am so excited for it to come in :) 

4. Half way there 20 WEEKS!!!! Bring on the next 20 weeks ;) 
5.I am getting very sad summer is coming to an end.. I have to go back to work in 2 weeks. But so excited for football season. .GO NOLES