Guest Posts!!!

Hi all you Mommy bloggers out there!! I am looking for some Mommies to guest post over here at The Williams' Journey!! I would love to hear your Mommy stories :) If you are interested please let me know I am going to start them in 2 weeks ;)
I will make a blog button and share it with everyone that wants to be apart of this!!!!!


My little girl.......FRIDAY

Lately dealing with Little Miss has been very difficult so I sat down and thought about advice or things I want to make sure I instill in her as she gets older... I LOVE HER WITH EVERYTHING and I know God is making me a stronger parent with all the struggles we face.

1.The world will try to get them to grow up too fast and it’s your job to keep them girls as long as possible.
2. Saying sorry is a sign of strength not a weakness
3. No prayer request is ever too small for god nor too silly or embarrassing to share.
4. Encourage and support their relationship with their father. They need you as their mother so much but they need to know a man loves them so they don’t fall for a boy pretending too.
5. Teach them the value of saving money so that hopefully someday they wont have to depend on anyone to take care of them financially. As Little Miss gets older I hope I can help here with this
6. Be careful how you talk about your body in front of them. You will become their example for how women should few their bodies. So speak kindly about yourself in front of them. I also try to limit body teasing or talking negatively about weight as much as I can in front of my daughter. I know she will start to notice and I want to have fitness a part of our lives and be an active family.
7.  Protect them but also teach them to stick up for themselves. The world needs more strong women. My daughter knows I’ve got her back but she has to give dealing with a problem a couple tries before I step in.
8. Compliment your daughter on things other than her beauty or appearance. She needs to know there is more to her self worth than beauty. So tell her she’s smart or funny or kind. Things that wont fade with time.
9. Set boundaries in your life with how people treat you. So that she can watch you and learn to do the same. We are their greatest teachers and they learn from what we do more than what we say. So if you are strong and demand being treated well there is a better chance she will grow up and do the same.
10. Follow your own dreams and passions. Set the example that what you love to do is important so that she will believe in her own dreams and passions. It’s why I share with her my blogging goals and achievements so she can know that I have goals and things I do that I work hard to be proud of.
11. Music makes everything better!!!!!
12. Love family date nights.. Make time for family time :) making memories will last a life time!! 

 I love my little girl even though at this point in life she is testing every button I have and is making me go crazy, I know that this will pass but at this time I love her with everything I have!! I know that her saying NOOO and tantrums will not last forever. I know that she will always be my baby girl... I hope that both of us can get throw this stage of almost terrible 2’s. 


Thoughts for Thursday !!! July 4th

Next week we will leave to go to the Lake House for the 4th of July!! I am excited to go see my mom and step dad. We always have so much fun visiting with them. Little Miss loves it there. This year another couple and their kids are joining us so we are so excited!! I have been stocking Pinterest for all the 4th of the July goodies.. Here are my Top idea list of what I am going to be making :) What are your favorites for July 4th?


Crazy Tuesday

Have any of you ever had a mental breakdown.. Well today was my first. I feel like I have so much going on and not enough time. I have so many orders for monogramming it is crazy....working VBS.....trying to still unpack....picking little miss up by 2:30.... And trying to put dinner in the crockpot.... I was telling my husband how I have so much going on and he dose not understand how tiring it is.. He tells me he works hard all day long and I am just hanging out... :( I wish guys would understand that running errands cleaning the house trying to keep everyone together is a TOUGH Job...... It is CRAZY over here.. I am hoping things will start winding down.. I just want a few minutes to sit and do NOTHING... All I need is a fun cup of Sangria ;)


5 on Friday

Wow it is so nice to be home and it's Friday!!! All my days are starting to run together since I am off and I am trying to unpack the rest of the house and get everything ready for out kitchen to get new counter tops!!!!

1)  When I woke up yesterday morning and heard of the shooting in the church in Charleston I was so sadden. What is the world coming to.. Every time I turn on the news there is always a tragedy.. I just want to take my mini and my Mr to an island and escape.. I am praying for all the families involved..

2) Pure Barre- OMG yesterday I took my very first class and I am addicted.. I will be going back everyday that I can.. I love mixing up my workouts. I did not know what to expect going into it. At first it was hard to learn to Tuck TUCK!!!! But by the time i left I could feel it!! I love it

3) It's Father's Day weekend!! What do you have planed? I am taking the Mr. to a surprise dinner with the mini. We got him a new weeder!! Haha I know how exciting blahhhhh..... I can't wait to show pics from the little date

4)  What is your favorite app for editing pictures and putting effects on them??

5) My girlfriend was at the beach with her family and her dad was not feeling well and went to the dr and they told him he needed to get to the ER. He drove back to the ER in our hometown and they told him he had Leukemia and he needed to go to the cancer center ASAP to get a 1month of treatment. It's crazy how fast your world can turn upside down.. Please pray for this family and just love the ones closet to you..

With the events this week I want to spend as much time with my family and just love on them....



Sorry girls I have been MIA.......Just got back from Boston and had sooooo much fun

I went to Boston with my Brother and Mom.. It was just the 3 of us. My Brother turned 30 and wanted to go on a little vacation. He is a huge Braves baseball fan and the Braves were playing Boston. My brother has always wanted to go to Fenway park... So we did. We went from Saturday until Tuesday night :) It did not hurt that one of my best friends lives in BOSTON :)

We flew into Boston on Saturday and walked around the whole day. Also, this past weekend was Gay pride week so it was very interesting with all the parades they had and celebrations. So we walked about 5 miles around trying to figure out where things were.. The weather was amazing 65 degrees. It was the first time I got to meet my best friends fiancé ( who little miss and I are in the wedding) we then went to a yummy Italian restaurant on the North end and then we went out to a little bar..

Sunday my girlfriend came a got me and we went on a 4 mile walk around the Charles River and it was so amazing to see all the beautiful scenes. We also, got to chat for a long time it was so much fun. We then went back to her house and took showers and met some of her friends for brunch :) Then we walked around the shopping area and got midday drinks.. It was so much to be able to just walk around enjoy the beautiful weather and be a little tourist.


Monday it was a nasty rainy day :( We decided to go on a Duck boat tour and see the city. We also walked around in the light rain all day to just sight see. The whole day we were sacred that the baseball game would get called off. We kept calling to make sure it was still on and it WAS.. My brother was so excited. So we went to the game at night and it was so much fun. Fenway Park is a very nice field...

This family vacation was so much fun and I love making new memories but I am so glad I am back with the MR. and Little Miss... Its so hard to leave them 


Happy Friday+ ON A Plane

As we speak I am on a Plane to BOSTON :) I am so excited to spend time with my Mom and Brother.. I sure will miss the Mr and Little Miss.. Can't wait to blog about the trip :) Be home soon!!!!


Thoughts for Thursday+Boston!!!!!

AHHH...I have not shared this yet but I am leaving Saturday with my Mom and Brother and we are going to BOSTON.. The Mr and little miss are staying behind :( I will miss them but so excited to spend time with my Mom and Brother.. One of my best friends lives there too so I am so excited to go visit her...
My brother is a big Braves fan and they are playing the Red Sox's so Monday night we are going there..so excited to see a game at Fenway Park

I need suggestions on the best things to do.... We don't have to much time but want to make sure I see and do the best things Boston has to offer.

Would love suggestions :) 


Weekend Review + Monogramming

How does the weekend go by so fast... Now that I am on Summer vacation it makes me sad when Monday comes because that means a week gone of vacation :(

Friday- I had my job interview not sure if I got it. At first  I was really upset but then felt that God has a plan and I can't get upset because he will put me where I belong. It is just very hard to see it now and truly understand it but hope I will soon...

Saturday- We spent most of the day at the Pool. Little Miss loves the pool and tires to swim but has no clue on how. She would rather just play on the stairs and get in and out of the pool. Next summer I am going to put her in lessons. I feel like she is to young to remember anything. Next summer will be so much better and maybe she will listen hahah.. .

Then we went to TARGET... Little Misses new store. She now doesn't want to ride in the cart rather than push the cart. So now be on the lookout for a wild crazy Target cart driver :)

Last weekend was my moms birthday and Lily made her such a cute little gift.. These were the hardest pics to ever get :_)

Monogramming :) I have been so busy monogramming and I love it.. It clams me down some how... Here are some of the things I did this weekend. You can check out some of my stuff on my ETSY store.. I will also be doing a Back to School Backpack and Lunchbox special in the next week. Never to early to get these :)


Hey Friday!!!

This morning I have a job interview for a new school to teach at so please think of me ;)

This week has been a construction zone at the house. We have had to stay out of the house most of the day. We have had painters coming tree people, and roof people coming. I will be so glad when we can actually settle into out new home..

1) Have any of you girls moved with a little one? Lily has been so crazy this last week. Throwing down, crying a lot, not wanting to sleep and I am thinking it is the move and starting a new school so many changes for her but wanted to know if anyone else has been through that? Thanks

2)The massive construction zone out back.. Poor Lily wants to go outside so bad but the tree people are taking out 2 huge trees..

3) It's officially summer in my house!! Wednesday was my last day of work until Aug :) So excited.. Now let all the fun of unpacking a house.. 1 room at a time. What are your summer plans.. I am going to Boston in a week or so and I am so excited :)

4) New lights for the house... What are your thoughts about these 2. Has anyone bought these?? 

5. Enjoy your weekend with family time.. I know I get so caught up with everything that is going on that I am no cellphone or internet this weekend. I just want to be able to enjoy my little one and my Mr as he has been out of town the last 3 days.. I hope everyone has a great weekend...


Guest Post- Breastfeeding Diaries

I am so excited to be guest posting with Julie over at The Girl in the Red Shoes. I am sharing my story about my journey with breastfeeding!! Check it out :) 


Hooray it's Tuesday!!!

I am so grateful that today is Tuesday… Yesterday was a BIG BIG day for us. We had 2 closing and we were praying that they both went through and they did. What a  relief that was!! Thank you to all that had been praying for us. I am so glad that our new house is officially ours!!! Buying a new house was a very stressful process. I am so glad that my mom is a realtor and helped us the whole time. Selling our house was not bad at all the people that bought our house were so easy to deal with and made it so much easier. The people we were buying the house from was not fun at all :( I am just glad that we got through it and today is my last day at work for the summer!!!!!!!!!!

It's closing day!!!!!!

My favorite tips that my mom gave us going through this process:

1) Never back down….Put out there what you want and the worst they can say is NO
2) Always have a home inspection…We are so glad we got a inspection because there were things that were hidden that came up. We asked the seller to pay for and lucky for us they did 
3)Remember to forward your mail hahah!!!!
4) Start early with a bank in the process because we got screwed by our bank and had to go look for a new one :( 
5) Keep a notebook with everything in it. Contracts/recipets etc….

Would love to hear anyone else tips for buying a house!!