Thursday Confession

WOW...It has been a long time science I have written a post. Life has just gotten so busy. Having two kids has been a big game changer.. No one ever told me the adjustment that was going to happen with two. We are still trying to figure it all out.
I want to know how all you moms do it??? What are your secretes, tricks...etc on keeping it all together? I am STRUGGLING...I really need some help on how you mange your time and still keep up your job, marriage, kids, etc..  I am stressing out....
Thanks Mommas :)




Weekend Recap...30a

Wow... I did not realize its been a while since I have shared whats been going on in our life.. Man having 2 kids is no joke...Deff a game changer.. I have been so tired trying to get both of them on a schedule, I just gave up. Last weekend we decided to do a little beach trip with the family. My dad was coming to visit Porter and we decided to head to the beach. It was so much fun. The beach is one of our favorite places to go as a family. I was very scared about Porter being on the beach, and all the stuff we would have to bring. Porter did amazing and I did not bring as much stuff as I thought i needed (I guess second kid). We headed down to 30a (destin) area for the weekend. It is the absolute best beach we have been to. The water is always so blue and the drinks are the best!! If you have never been down to 30a....well you should check it out you would not regret it..

The best place for breakfast!!!!!!! 

Girls thank you for helping me pick out a beach book!!! 


Porter's Nursery Reveal

Well it has only taken me 4 months to Reveal Porter's Woodland Nursery.. I am in love with his room. I catch my self just sitting in his room and soaking it all up with him in my arms.. Some days we will sit in his room for hours and play and I will watch him sleep....Creepy  right.... I just can't get enough of him...

I am loving how the shiplap turned out and the crib looks perfect on the wall!!!


Happy Friday + Hello Fresh

Happy Friday... This week has been a long stressful week. Sweet baby Porter has been fussy and not feeling well..

1. Porter was having some blood in is poop and the first thing I thought was the milk allergy like his little sister.. but i have already cut out dairy.. So I had no idea what to do.. W went to the dr and they are thinking it is reflux.. Anyone else had this issue? They told us to try a probiotic. Has anyone tried these?

2. Happy Mother's Day weekend.. Cant wait to spend time with my sweet family and kids.. They mean the world to me and is what made me a mom.. Here are some of my favs!

3. Hello Fresh......is the best!!! When we came home from the hospital someone sent us Hello Fresh to help us with dinner. It was so easy..all ingredients were in the box and the card came with it to tell you how to make it step by step. Perfect for our busy schedule.. If you would like to try it use my special code to get $40 off!!

4.Please pray for my sweet Granny she has been in the hospital.. She is 89 and has been hanging in there for years. We love her and can't wait to go visit with her soon.

5. Happy Birthday to my amazing brother :) Today is your day and I hope you have a fabulous day!!


Weekend Review + Derby Party

Wow another week has gone by.. I get sadder knowing I am going to have to go back to work soon. I don't understand how full time working moms or stay at home moms has enough time to work, cook, clean, take the kids places, and blog. I am struggling trying to balance it all. How do you do it??? I would love to hear??

Friday was a good day...I drove the the airport to pick up one of my dearest friends to spend the weekend with us. Laure and I have been friends for 15 years.. We met in high school and were in each there weddings. We live far apart but when we are together it is like old times and we pick up right were we left off. She came to meet Baby Porter.. We went and ate Mexican because of course it was Cinco de Mayo...

Saturday- We woke up and went to brunch.. We then came back and cooked stuff for the Kentucky Derby party we went to.. I also made my last minute Derby Hat that turned out so cute... We then went to the Derby party with all my friends and had a blast. We also had to go to dance rehersal  practice because Sunday was dance recital day!!

Sunday-We hung out and just had girl time...it was so nice... Then we had to get little miss ready for her dance recital... She had so much fun and did a great job at her recital.....Then we had to take Lauren to the airpot and I was so sad to watch her leave.. It was so nice to have her visit and can't wait to go to Charlotte to visit her!!!!!

How was your weekend???


Baby Porter....Birth Story

We were schedule to be induced on March 21st. So on March 20th my mom and step dad drove in so they would be here if we got a call in the middle of the night. We had a call time from 4am- 8am to come in. We did not get a call until 11:00 am to come in to start the process. I was 39 weeks and my doctor was on call so I was excited because I really love my Dr. He is in a big practice so the chances of getting your dr is slim. So we went in at 11:00 and started all the paperwork and getting the process started.

They started me with Pitocin and bag od fluids. My doctor’s order was to up the Pitocin every 30 minutes. I was not really feeing any contractions so I got up and was walking the hall. I walked the hall for about 30 minutes and then they upped the Pitocin. Then my contractions were coming ever minute but still were not strong enough that my Dr. wanted. I then rested and at about 3:00pm my Dr. wanted to brake my water. So he wanted to know if I wanted the epidural before or after. I wanted to go ahead and see how the contractions would be before I got the epidural. So at 3:30pm they broke my water. My contractions started coming on pretty good and was every 1-2 minutes. I then got my epidural and went from 4cm to 6cm. I then stayed at 6cm for several of hours. At 5:30 my Dr. wanted to talk about a c section, but I still wanted to try to have the baby vaginal since I had my first one vaginal. My Dr. suggested to get the peanut ball and lay on my side and switch sides every 30 minutes.

At 6:00 I started the peanut ball and switched sides every 30 minutes until about 8:00. I started to feel a lot of pressure and my nurse came in to check me and I was at 10 cm and was ready to start pushing.  So around 8:30 I started pushing every contraction. The baby was coming and they could see the babies hair, but every time I would push the baby would come then would slip back up and was not making progress down. I pushed for about an hour and half and was starting to get so tired and so much back labor pain that I was in such pain. My Dr. came in and put an internal monitor on me and the baby to make sure we were all ok. Baby Porter’s heart rate was dropping every time I was pushing and my oxygen level was getting low. So my dr. came in and told me I have 2 options that I can rest for an hour and we would push again or I can have a c section. He told me that he was unsure that after we got the head out that he could get the shoulders and arms out. He told me the risk that they might have to brake the arm, paralyze the arm or even the shoulder could break if they could not get him out.  I started to freak out and was already in so much pain with back labor and neck pain from pushing so much. So I called the dr back in and told him let’s go ahead and do the c section. So they rushed in and prepared me so fast I don’t even remember everything that was happening. Later to find out the babies’ heart rate was dropping and my dr was already preparing for a section.

I signed all the paper worked and they got me prepared and ready for c section. They told my husband and family that after surgery Porter and daddy would go back to post op for 45 minutes and then I would have to go to recovery for an hour and then they would move us to a room and they could see the baby. We went in for c section at 11:45pm. When we got back in the room all I remember was how white/cold the room was. They got everything ready and they were doing test cuts to see if I could feel anything, I was able to feel everything so they told me there was no more medicine that they could give me they were going to have to put me out. I was so scared because if they put me out Jeff could not come back. So they tired one last thing and was able to get it under controlled. They told me that I would feel a lot of pressure and man where they right… I felt like someone was ripping me apart and pulling my stomach apart. They told me that my c section was a little different because I had already pushed and the baby was in the birth canal and they had to push him back into my stomach to get him out. The rest was a blur and Porter was born March 22 at 12:10 am weighing 7lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long.