Where Oh Where have you Benn....?

I want to apologize for being such a bad blogger :( We have had a lot going on.. I started a new school, we are still working on the house...yes after 3 months being moved in we are still doing this and that. This week I am going to start part of our house tour with before and after pics :) I am so so excited..

Also, our sweet Lily Jane is going through a rough stage.. If she dose not get her way she is throwing down and says NO a lot... I think we are hitting the terrible 2's.. It's so hard to punish her. How did you discipline your children at almost 2?

Also, I have been working really hard on my baby Little Sugar Plum :) Slow and steady we have been!!! Check us out on Instagram :) Shopplittlesugarplum
Here's some of our goodies!!


YAYA it's Friday....Back to School

Where has this week gone?? I can't believe it is already Friday!!! Monday is the first day back for the students and I am so excited about this year I will get to empower 25 4th graders!!! I met my families yesterday and they were so sweet!!
I moved schools this year and had to redo my classroom. but my principal said I would only be in my room for 1 year so don't put a lot!! SO I did what I could and I think it turned out great :)



Also, don't forget to check ShopLittleSugarPlum on Instagram we are continuing getting new shipments in every week!!
Is your little boy read for fall???? 


Happy Friday + ATL Market


LITTLE SUGAR PLUM is in Atlanta at the Market :) We are buying pretty amazing things coming your way for Spring/Summer 2016. I can't wait to share with you some of our finds.. These patterns are AMAZING.. I am not sure but I love Spring/Summer clothes so much more because they are such pretty, fun, and bright colors.. 

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Sneak Peak........


We also, had so much fun attending the Little Kids Fashion show.. These kids were so adorable :) 


Weekend Rewind + Spring/Summer Market

Good Morning!!! I can't believe another weekend came and went.. Which means I have 1 more full week before I go back to work :(
This weekend was so much fun spending it with family and celebrating my nephews 3rd birthday!

Friday......I took little Miss out of daycare early and we had a Mommy and Daughter date. We went to Target and then we got Ice cream and went to the Pool.. Little Miss had so much fun. Then we met some friends out to dinner.. There was a band playing and Lily Jane loved it she danced so much it was so cute!!

Saturday- Was our errand day.  The Mr. has had pneumonia for the past week so we have not been able to do much and he was traveling so we really needed to go get stuff for the house and groceries. Then we went to my nephew's 3rd birthday!!

Sunday- We woke up and went to church and had family lunch. I love when we can go praise the Lord and have a nice family lunch with everyone before the week gets so busy.. Lily Jane wanted to put Mommies high heels on and get her shopping cart and walk around the house saying " I Shop" we are in trouble

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week will be jammed pack with getting everything read for work and LITTLE SUGAR PLUM IS heading to the MARKET :) to buy for Spring/Summer 16
 We want your help!!!!!!! WE would love any SUGGESTIONS OR ADVICE on what you want us to bring back :)