Happy New Year's EVE!!

Wow, I can't believe it is already New's Year Eve... Where has this year gone?? 2013 has been absolutely  amazing, from celebrating 2 years of marriage to the most amazing man to the birth of our adorable baby girl. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings us :) Here is a quick video to recap... Enjoy


1st Month Must Haves!!

As a new mom there are many things people told me I need for the first month, so I went out and bought a lot of stuff or registered for a lot of it. For the first month there was a lot of stuff that I did not need but there were some must haves that I could not have survived without. I will tell you though everyone's must haves are different but use what you need and get a feel for what you baby likes :)

1. Lansinoh Lanolin cream- Could have not done without this 
2. Munchkin Disposable Changing Pads- Lily Jane often uses the bathroom after we take the diaper off so this helps us not have to wash the chaining pad every time 
3. Rock'n Play Sleeper
4. Nursing Tank Tops
5. Sound Machine 
6. Miracle Blanket
7. Nursing Sport bras 

Lily Jane's Nursery!!

Man being a mom is a full time job. I never thought I would not have time to keep up with my blog, but this first month has been so hard and tiring that I hope it will get better. We are trying to get on a schedule...  So here is her nursery... better late than never :)
I wanted to stick with pink, grey and white


5 on Friday

My 5 on Friday is going to be a little different today. Its going to be all about the 2 weeks of motherhood..

No one prepares you for what it is going to be like bringing a newborn home. It is one of the hardest yet amazing jobs ever. Lily Jane was born 3 weeks early and I had a hard time breastfeeding at first. She was also jaundice, so we had to keep feeding her and taking her to get blood work done and the doctors. Every other day since we got home we had to take her in to get her levels check and her weight check. Monday everything looked great and we were so excited!!! We don't have to go back to the Dr. until 1 month!!!  Also, we are having to wake her up every 2.5-3 hrs to eat ( she is getting her self up to) which your body is not prepared for. It has been a lot about making adjustments to your new life. Within 24 hrs your life changes forever for the best, but at first it is hard to see when so many hormones are going on and releasing out of your body. It is ok to cry and feel the blues it is totally normal. I had a rough 1st week. The second week is getting better and I hope each week get a a little better. My best advice is that you will know what is best for your baby. Take advice and use what you think is right and toss what you don't want to use!!!! I can't wait to watch Lily Jane Grow up :)

Daddy reading to her :) 

Playing !!

I am on the good list 

My first bath 

Daddy came home to visit us for lunch 


Miss. Lily Jane's Delivery Post!

Wow... I feel so bad I have neglected my blog for over 2 weeks, but i have earned the best job in these past 2 months and that is becoming a mommy :) I have so much respect for all the mommies out there. This is a tough job, that no one ever prepares you for.... So here is Miss. Lily Jane's Birth Story !!

It all started Nov 22, when I really was not feeling her move at all. I called my doctor and they got me in to do an ultrasound and it took them a long time to get her to move. They said she was really low too. I did not think much of it it.
On Nov 23, I went to a friends baby shower and ran errands to get Christmas presents for everyone, because I wanted X-Mas shopping to be done. Then I came home and we went to visit a friend. I was not feeling well all day just achy and thought ok I will go home and take a nap. I have been craving chicken wings (which I never eat) so we went and got that for dinner. I went to bed early that night because I was so tired. I woke up in the middle of the night with bad back pain (which I have had back pain through out) and was having cramps. I also, was going to the bathroom a lot. I saw some blood in my underwear and a little mucus. I was unsure so I went back to bed. I woke my husband up and told him I did not feel good. I got my What to Expect When Expecting book out to look to see what was going on because I was still 3 weeks out. I then told my husband I think we need to go in to the hospital tonight just to be safe. I went ahead and took a shower and told my husband to get up. He had not packed his bag yet so he ran around throwing stuff in. When then took all the stuff and put in the car. We went to the hospital. They came in and checked me and I was 2cm and they thought my water broke. She then ran some test to see if my water did break. They came back and told me my water had broke, and I started to cry. I looked at my husband and we were just very overwhelmed because we were not expecting her to come early. We were having a baby!!!! They admitted us at 3:30 am and I had to call my mom and my dad as they both live out of town... We were in our room and I wanted to walk the halls to get everything going. They came in at like 10 and I was 4 cm, and started to get in a lot of pain. I asked for an epidural and they came and put it in and I then fell asleep for 3 hours when I woke up I was not making progress. They gave me poticin to get my contractions going. It took about an hour or so and I was at 9 cm :) Then i had to push for about an hour and a half and I met my sweet baby girl :) I have never been so in love, she was adorable and she was all ours :)
She was born Nov 24 at 6:25 5 lbs 14 oz.  Then she was jaundice and we had to take her to get blood every other day it was so sad and broke my heart. Finally a week later her jaundice went down and her weight went back up. I am starting to breastfeed and it has been one of the hardest things. She was under weight so I had to give formula and go back and forth and my milk did not come in so we are trying to do the best we can. No one ever tells you what it is going to be like. Every day I feel like it gets better and better.

Jeff and I waiting to meet our princess 

Welcome to the world Miss. Lily Jane 

On our way home :) 

4 generations!!! 

My first Thanksgiving 

Me and my LULU

Daddy reading to me