1)I am so thankful it is Friday.. This week has been going by so slow…I just want to spend my weekend with my Little Miss and we are having a baby shower for one of my best friends and I can't wait to shower her with gifts ( it is hard because she is not finding out what she is having so kind of hard to shop for) I could never do that because I have no patience and I want to start buying :)

2) This winter has been a very cold one.. We have not gotten snow but it has been rainy and cold. I feel bad for all the ones that are getting a lot of snow and are stuck inside all day.. I hope it gets better.. 22 Days until SPRING :) I can't wait to pull out all my Lily stuff that I bought at the big sale!!!

3) My favorite Spring looks that I have seen on Pinterest!! I am loving the Pops of Coral and fun flower prints!!

4) As you all know Lily Jane has been sick with double ear infections and she is finally feeling better :) I am so happy.. I will tell you though there was one product that saved our lives. When a friend told me about it..I thought gross but then when i used it I was like I don't care it WORKS.....It is a nose suction and helps get out the mucus from your child's nose.  You stick one end inside their nose and the other end you put in your mouth and you suck the mucus out. There is a barrier that goes between so you don't get any mucus...But the power from your sucking gets way more and helped Lily Jane so much. You can get them about everywhere. I got mine at Target on an end cap by the baby stuff!!! Its called NoseFrida!!!

5) Don't forget to enter Our Amazing Giveaway :)

Have you entered the Giveaway Yet!!!!!! If not you only have a few days left

what will you be spending your $105 on?
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Thoughtless Thursday

Is it Friday Yet….. This week has been moving very slow.. I am wishing for warm weather ASAP.. I am so glad that Lily Jane is finally starting to feel better but now the weather is Rainy and Cold so I am praying she dose not get sick again… 

Also, do you ever feel like you are just so over the cold weather and ready for the Spring/Summer weather but feel like you are not ready to put bathing suits on.. I had this crazy moment last night that I thought I better get my self into the GYM :( 

So I leave you with what I will be thinking about all day today…hoping for warm weather soon :) 


Oh Bachelor………..

What am I going to do once the Bachelor is over and I don't have my recap to do.. :(
Last night was pretty interesting…

Kaitlyn's date: I thought it went a lot better then all her other dates..They got attack by monkeys how crazy….I am glad that she finally told him how she felt about him and I know that was probably so hard for her.. I hate to see these girls put themselves out there and then get heart broken :(

Whitney's date: I loved their date that they just sailed on a boat and just hung out like a couple. I can Really see them together… I was so happy to hear that she would be able to live in Iowa but, I am still unsure if she would truly be happy not working. Maybe after having kids she would be able to stay home and raise them on the farm….. I really still like her. Her hair kept bothering me though lol……
I love Whitney's quote " I firmly believe that life takes you places, not it's not where you are, it's who you're with"

Becca's date: I loved their date too.. They looked like they are falling more for each other and getting closer than Kaitlyn… I am so glad that she finally revealed she was a virgin and that Chris took it well ( any man that respects a women should have taken that well ) I am glad that she was able to get that off her chest. I think Chris is very scared with her though with her never being in Love and being able to live in a small town.. I think he is really falling for her to but is keeping his guard up…

I can't wait to see how meeting his parents go and what is parents have to say….

OH Next week is the Women Tell All.. Which will be so crazy.. I can't wait to see what these girls have to say and Kelsey oh lord…….

Who do you think will win Whitney or Becca?? I am still for Whitney :)



don't enter because i would really like to increase my odds of winning.

if only for the fact that i need to make back some money after the number of piña coladas i drank this past weekend. they weren't cheap. but after getting my a** handed to me on the flowrider i'm going to need to invest in extra strength advil and a neck brace.

people - there is a reason you only see children on the flowrider. it's because kids are made of rubber and it doesn't matter if they get tossed around like a rag doll.

just check out my farmer. i was fairly confident he'd be really good at the flowrider. he can snowboard. he can surf behind a boat. he can wakeboard. both farmer and i were reassured that the flowrider is exactly like all three of those activities. "piece of cake," we were told. "not a problem."

while farmer and i will be licking our wounds and looking for our dignity somewhere between scottsdale and the farm...get entered below and check out all the wonderful, lovely ladies!

what will you be spending your $105 on?
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Weekend Rewind

I will have to say this is one of the first weekends where I did not take a single photo and it kind of felt good!!! 

My mom came to visit so it was so nice to just spend time with her and Lily Jane. Lily Jane is still SICK :( I feel like I can never get rid of this. They have her on a heavy duty med that makes her not want to eat so it was a battle all weekend to try and get her to eat. Also, she was up 3-4 times a night this weekend and we were so tired.. All I wanted was a NAP.. 

We also, went to look at 5 houses... I am starting to get really sad with that we will never find a house... Every house we walked into was so trashy and nasty. I was be so embarrassed to let people come into my house looking that way. My husband tells me my expectations are to high. The real problem is that we were able to build our 1st home and I am use to everything being new that when we go into the older homes it is so outdated... 

Then, on Sunday we went to Church and had family lunch and went to look at more Open Houses...We did not see anything :(  We also got Lily Jane to bed early and was able to lay in bed and watch the Oscar's.... I feel bad sometimes I have no idea what movie they are talking about.. I need to watch more movies..

Who was your favorite dressed at the Oscar's???


Happy Friday!

So yesterday I get a call from Lily Jane's daycare that she has a fever and we need to go pick her up.. They also, told us there was a little boy in her class that has RSV and I thought oh no... So i picked up the phone and called her DR because she just went last week and has double ear infections :( so when we went back today they said her ear infections have not cleared up and they are going to have to give us the Big daddy meds.. and breathing treatment for her coughing.. Oh how parenthood your life chances in such a quick minute and all your plans go out the window.. So I am staying home with her today..I hope this new med helps her so much... When do get to the point you have to put tubes in their ears???

Yesterday I posted about something I am excited to start and wanted to open it up one more day before I sent out my e-mails if anyone did not see it on Thursday!!

How many of you girls love going to the mailbox to check to see if anything exciting is in the mail. I love going each day to see if anything I bought is there or any fun mail.. I would love to start a SnailMail Exchange… I would love to get to know some of you girls a lot better and what better way to do it old fashion than to send each of you a cute fun little letter in the mail :) If you would like to participate please let me know and leave your e-mail so I can e-mail you .. I am so excited to start this!!!


Thursday's Thoughts

Happy Thursday we have almost made it to FRIDAY YAYA!!!! How many of you girls love going to the mailbox to check to see if anything exciting is in the mail. I love going each day to see if anything I bought is there or any fun mail.. I would love to start a SnailMail Exchange… I would love to get to know some of you girls a lot better and what better way to do it old fashion than to send each of you a cute fun little letter in the mail :) If you would like to participate please let me know and leave your e-mail so I can e-mail you .. I am so excited to start this!!! 


4 Hours of Bachelor......

Man there was A LOT of Bachelor this week...2 Hours on Sunday and 2 Hours on Monday ( I am not going to lie it was fun to watch it two nights)

I really liked these 2 episode of the Bachelor..They felt/seemed more real than any other episode.. I think it was really important to see Chris' hometown because it was very small and I don't think every girl could live there.  BUT on the other hand BRITT went CRAZY... Every episode someone goes crazy..I think she really but her foot in her mouth. I could have not seen her living in Arlington….

Now let's talk hometown dates…..

Becca- I am starting to like her more and more.. She is very sweet and so real. I think her hometown date went ok. Her Sister and Mom.. a little overbearing…. Its like she is 16 again. I do think it is weird that she date a guy for 4 years and never said I love you.. I am not sure she is the one for Chris.. I think she is going to be the Next Bachorlette.. I like that she is true to her self..

Whitney-You all know I really like Whitney from pervious post and I love that she took Chris to show him where she worked. She really got him by playing that joke on him…One thing that worries me is she loves her career and living in Arlington I am not sure she would be able to still work that same career. Her sister really got Chris and I am glad she stood her ground.. If he picks Whitney I hope it shows him going back to talk to her sister. Whitney to me is so real and down to earth. I feel like their dates are always so normal and easy……..

Jade- I had no idea that she posed for Playboy.. I think that threw her chances and I think Chris really did like her. I mean he took her to his house in Arlington, the football game, and she even met eh parents. I think after he found out that it was all over. I also, think I would have not showed him the pics…. I also,  am not sure she would be able to live in Arlington while trying to be a model…..

Kaitlyn- I am not sure how i feel about her or if she would be a good fit for Chris….

My thoughts are Becca and Whitney will be the last 2….

What are your thoughts????? 


Weekend Rewind!!!

We had a absolute BLAST this weekend.. Me and my husband don't make much of a deal about Valentine's but we do have a little date at home and hang out. Now with Lily Jane we make it about her. WE hung out as a family this weekend and it was just so much fun..words can;t describe it…

Friday night we went out to dinner with some of our close friends and just had a blast it was so nice to have adult time. We try and go out to dinner after Lily Jane has gone to bed because I miss her if she is still awake when I am out….

Saturday was my nephew's 6th birthday and Lily Jane had so much fun.. This is the first birthday that we could just let her down and she could walk around and hang out. She loves to people watch ( just like her Mommy) She would go up to the kids and want to play with them even though they were half her size. It was so nice to see that she was willing/wanting to play with others since I don't get to see how she is at daycare.. It was a beautiful day in the 70s I just loved it..

On Sunday we all go up and went to Church and then we always do lunch with my In-laws and Lily Jane then goes to take a nap. After she woke up from her nap we took her to the park to play and she loved it. She made some new friends and I ran into a girlfriend and her little boy so it was so nice to be able to sit and chat while our kids played :) I hope you had a great week!!!!! You can follow me on Instagram-  Chels2234   and see what it is like everyday in my life :) I love meeting other bloggers and mommies!!!

Mommy Momment

1. Sofie the Girafe teething ring
Due to Lily Jane’s constant teething symptoms, she wants to chew- nonstop.

2. Aveeno baby products 
Lily Jane’s has had a bout of eczema this winter and although the doc gave us a prescription ointment, these products cleared up the eczema overnight.

3. Bumbo seat & tray 
You could probably do without this seat, but we use it to feed solids. She is just now getting the hang of the spoon so unless I want splattered and spit baby food all over her fabric items (or my sofa), this has worked out great for meals. It is easy to wipe down and carry along with you. Plus, you can probably find one used for a good price.

4. Tadpoles playmat
I love this thing. So much so that I bought a second one. You can configure it however you would like, and it is super comfy for little bit's head, knees, whatever. Since we aren't crawling yet, I have a little section in my living room, a little in her playroom and a section at the nanny's house so she always has somewhere to lie down and play without worrying about germs, hard surfaces, etc.

5. Baby Einstein exersaucer
Lily Jane LOVED  her exersaucer. She will occupy herself so I can take a shower, I can move it into the kitchen while I do dishes (nope, not cooking), and she is so proud of herself now that she is figuring out how to use all of the parts to it. We still haven't gotten the "bouncing" part yet, but like her momma, she is a midget and can't really reach the floor yet. We will get there.

6. Boppy Lounger
I first saw this item when I went to pick baby up from daycare and she was chillin on her tummy on this thing.  It is awesome. When baby is too big for the boppy, get the lounger. We can sit on the couch with the lounger next to us, and have Lily Jane lie on her back in the little "nook" and feed her her bottle. It makes it super easy and she will just chill in it. Sometimes even fall asleep.

7. 4moms Breeze Pack'n'Play
This sucker is kinda heavy, but it is still amazeballs. It isn't fugly with all kinds of crap on it, it is super easy to open and close, and we personally use it a lot. Weekends at friends' houses and being at a nanny's house every day calls for a place to nap. She seems to do really well with the Breeze.

8. Oball Rattle ball
As soon as Lily Jane started grasping things, it was on like Donkey Kong. I just happened to grab this ball one day while shopping so she could have something to occupy her in the store. She loved it. Best thing ever. Because of all of the holes, she could easily hold onto the ball. The little beads make it rattle for interest, and it is made out of a rubber so she can bang herself in the head a million times with it. This probably could have been the only toy we had in the house for many many weeks.


Monday Mommy Moments

Welcome to Mommy Moments! We hope you all a week filled with wonderful memories! Let's keep it up by sharing and promoting Mommy Moments and the wonderful community we have here! I have enjoyed getting to know all the new mamas linking up and sharing their lives with us! I can't wait to hear more from you all again this week!

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The top viewed link this week belongs to The Best of Baby Lady and her post They Lied...It Matters How You Birth. What an encouraging post for mamas to be educated on the type of birth experience they want and then be confident to stand your ground even when procedures are being pushed. Thanks for the encouragement from one mama to many others Iulia! 
It matters how you birth www.bestofbabylady.com


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