Where Have I been...................Thoughts for Thursday

I have neglected my little blog lately but we have been so busy.. We went to Tennessee to visit my In-Laws family and so they can meet Lily Jane.  I will post about this soon :)

But what really has been taking up my time is I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!! Most of you guys know I am a teacher but I will be transferring to a new school close to home and I can't be more excited :) I had to pack up my whole classroom and clean it out. I had to move it in to my new classroom. I will be in a portable but I am so excited to have my own little Cottage ;) I will be teaching 4th grade this year. We start back to work in 2 weeks so trying to get all moved in...I will post pics after I get it all moved in....

Can't believe that school is about to start back :(


Surprise Getaway Recap

This past weekend the Mr. surprised me with a short getaway. Little did I know we were going with one of his friends and his girlfriend and we had so much fun!!!
Friday Night we got down there and his friend had dinner waiting for us and it was so yummy and we just hung out and talked all night long...

Saturday the boys went golfing and the girls went to the beach. We laid out and went for a walk on the beach and just caught up. Our friends girlfriend is so sweet and we had the best time talking. We then laid out for a little while. Then it got really hot so we cleaned up and went walking around Seaside!! Seaside has my heart it is so cute and I love it down there. Then we met up with the guys for lunch :) After that the guys went back to the condo and we went shopping!! I love getting to just have some ME time with out the little Miss. It is so much easier to run into stores real quick!!

We then all hung out at the pool and then got ready and headed to dinner. We went the THE BAY!! It was such a great atmosphere and amazing food!!

After dinner we just went to the Condo and sat on the patio and hung out!!

Sunday we woke up and went to one of my favorite breakfast places The Donut Hole! I always get their cinnamon raise French Toast!!

We had such a wonderful weekend but man did I miss the Little one.. Now we are off to Nashville :)


Friday+Surprise Trip+ Tennessee

Last night the Mr. told me he took half a day and is taking me to the beach SURPRISE :) I was so excited.. So right now as we speak I am packing up to head to the beach. My favorite place of all time 30A Santa Rosa Beach!!! He booked us a little cottage for the weekend and my Mother In law is keeping little miss :) I am so excited to get to spend some alone time... we are going to be staying in Water Color

We are going to try to eat at The Bay a spot where we looked at getting married!!

Next week I am going on a road trip with my Mother In Law and little Miss. Mr is staying home to work..
We are going to Nashville and I am so excited. Mr is from there so we are going to meet some of his family and they have never meet Lily Jane so this will be the first time they have met her. I am so excited for this little adventure

Are there any MUST DO's in Nashville or places to eat??? I am open to suggestions

Happy Friday!!!!


Weekend Review

The Mr. had a work conference this past weekend and the little miss and myself went with him. We normally don't go with him but it was in Ft. Lauderdale and my Dad and brother live down here so we came with. It has been really nice to see them and hang out with them :) The Little Miss loves the pool and loves seeing her Uncle ;) We will be heading back today!!!!

***Also if you missed the big announcement check it out here!!!!!  Follow us on Instagram @ shoplittlesugarplum 

Lily got to see her great granny


My BIG NEWS IS OUT.................... INTRODUCING Little Sugar Plum

It's finally here. I have been working so hard to keep this a secrete and trying to get everything together to share with you!!! I feel like I have been pouring my heart and soul into this business the last 6 months!!! I am so excited to finally be able to share with you Little Sugar Plum 

I know I have been telling you along the way that something was up..Since I have had Lily Jane I have had a hard time finding cute clothes for her that did not cost an arm and a leg. Also, we did not have any cute kid's stores around our area. This is my way of being able to do something I love and being able to offer other MOMMIES like me a great place to get adorable Kids and Monogram items.. 

A little bit about Little Sugar Plum... I want to be able to have a place where people can come to shop and buy adorable boutique- newborns through 4 years old stylish clothes. I will carefully hand select each item with an eye for Chic, southern clothes. I will put my heart in soul into each pack and will invest all my time into each client to make sure they have the best experience!! Our packages will put a smile on your face :) I will explore and select high-quality outfits that can be worn for any occasions. 

* Our website will be up in a few weeks and I will let you know... Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we will be doing Sneak Peaks up until the day the Website goes live ;) 


Weekend Review Part 1

Wow what a fun weekend it was!! I was so grateful that I was able to send time with my family and friends :) I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend. I am going to do 2 parts because there was so much that went on!!!!
I took little Miss to my moms on Wednesday because I am off we wanted to go spend time with LuLu and Papa a little bit longer. Then the MR. and our friends came up late Thursday night..

On Wednesday when I picked up the little Miss from daycare they gave us the traveling Teddy Bear to go on our trip with us. I love that her daycare dose such cute things. So we took Teddy on the Trip with us and Teddy had so much fun.. We got to my moms Wednesday afternoon. I need to find more on the road activities for my little one because for the last 30 minutes she wanted out and it was not an enjoyable 30 mins. Then on Thursday we helped my mom at her office. She owns her own Real-estate firm so we were helping her a little bit...
Then we took Teddy to visit my moms friends farm so Lil Jane could see the animals. She got to see a couple horses, roosters, chickens and kitty cats. She was a little scared at first but then had a blast!!!

At my moms there is an hour time difference so she always gets so thrown off. This little one was going to bed at 9 which is late for her but she slept until 7 :) YAYAY.. Then Papa and LuLu took the little Miss on a boat ride and she loved that!!!

She was ready for the 4th :) 

Thursday night the Mr and our friends that has 3 kids got there and Lily Jane was so excited and wanted to play with them!! We finally had to get all the kids in bed..

Friday we all woke up and played on the Lake all day.. My mom's company always host a 4th of July Party so we had to get ready for that and clean and cooke. They always have a firework show also. Little Miss did not like seeing the Fireworks.. Maybe next year she will be better!!!!
Little Miss was very adventures and went for a ride on the Jet Ski with LULU and went tubing with her friends. I was so happy to see she was not scared and I was scared that she was not scared!!!!

More to come from our 4th of July Weekend!!!!!!


Thoughtless Thursday :)

I know everyone gets so excited for holidays and to be able to spend time with family and friends for the 4th of July but don't forget to support all the men and women fighting for our Country. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the Men and Women that fight everyday for our independence!!!! Words can't say how grateful we are for you!!!