5 on Friday

HELLO FRIDAY :) Oh how I have waited for you to get here...

1. I am addicted to ESSIE nail polish.. I am a sucker for anything with pastel colors right now. I think because it is spring.. I am loving these. What is your favorite color?

2. I am doing it.. I decided I am going to give the 21 day fix a shot. I have been very good with the workouts but the eating part :( who does not like to eat. I am going to try some new recipes out and see if I can handle it.. Anyone had good recipes for 21 day fix or tricks?

3.  Little Sugar Plum- has a trunk show this weekend so we are getting everything ready to go sell out cuteness to other mommies!! My mom is coming to town to watch little miss. Lily Jane is so excited!!!

4. COFFEE- I have an addiction to cute Coffee mugs!! I also have to have a flavor creamer in my cup each morning (probably way too much) What is your favorite flavor?  I am a french vanilla, and mocha kind of girl :)

5.Master bedroom. I want a new bedspread so bad. Having such a hard time finding a clean not so wild patter. Any ideas on a good place to get them?


  1. I am definitely addicted to Essie nail polish, too. They are just so many cute color options out there! We just got a new bedding set and we found ours on Overstock! It's white with a little navy detailing, I love it! So clean and simple looking. They have a lot of cute option right now, too!

  2. Those are some super cute coffee mugs. I too love cute coffee mugs! I'm really loving that "happy" one. I also love Essie nail polish and have several on my Amazon wishlist. Have a great weekend!

  3. Loving all the polish...my fave is OPI Mod About You. I'm always buying but I suck at actually painting my nails! I have ordered several duvet covers the past couple years from West Elm and I have been happy with the selection, quality, etc.

    Have a super weekend!

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

  4. I just got a duvet cover at Target. They had lots of nice quilts, comforters, and duvets!

  5. I LOVE The struggle...mug! I totally need that!

  6. I got mine at Pottery Barn and LOVE it. It is so soft! They have so many options and they are always having a sale.