Oh My!!!!

How in the world do you make time for your blog. I feel so bad I have not wrote a post in a long time. I am having a hard time working full time and having a 5 month old.. Please let me know how you do it.. I would love any suggestions.. Come on Summer then I will have so much time :) Easter Post coming soon!!!!


Lily Jane 4 Months

Dear Lily Jane,

Where has time gone? I can’t believe you are already 4 months old. You are growing up way to fast. At you check up you weighed 12 lbs 9 oz ( 12%) and 23 inches long (2% you are going to be short like your mommy), and your head was 39.5 cm (10%) You are eating every 2-3 hours and mommy is trying very hard to keep up with you.  We have started to give you a little oatmeal cereal at nights to make you full. Playing with the spoon is your new favorite bedtime routine.  You also, don’t really like to nurse because you have figured out there are so many things to look at and that the bottle gets you the milk faster.. You are almost all breast milk still (frozen) with a little bit of soy formula. You have officially out grown your newborn clothes and are wearing O-3 months and 3 months clothes. You are also still in size 1 diapers.

This month we have put up your Rock N Play and transition you to your crib and you have become a not so good sleeper. You were sleeping pretty much through the night and now you are only sleeping 5 hrs and then 2-3 hours. Mommy is getting very tired. I give you your last bottle anywhere from 7:30-8,then you are off to bed. We are still swaddling you, but you are starting to get out of it at night. You still don’t like naps. The longest nap you have taken is about 2 hrs, most of your other naps are catnaps for about 30-45 mins. I hope that this is just a phase and that you start to like taking naps and sleeping all night J

Oh have you found your hands!! Your hands are constantly in you mouth, with drool coming out.. I have started to put bibs on you because you are drooling all over the place and getting your clothes wet. Also, you love your orange pacifier and we can’t go anywhere with out it. Daddy says you like it so much because it is orange and TN football color is orange. Silly Daddy because you are going to be a NOLE girl!! You still love car rides and your activity mat. You are starting to lift your head and legs up all the time. In the mornings you are starting to like watching cartoons :) and are smiling and laughing all the time. You love going on walks outside in your stroller too.

First time for everything: You have started to roll over from your stomach to your back, and mommy was able to get it on video!! You love to look all around now and especially when we go somewhere. Mommy and Daddy went on their first weekend trip to Charleston and you go to spend the weekend with LuLu and Papa Bear.. You were so good and they loved having you all to themself. Mommy missed you sooo much, and was so glad to pick you back up..
I love all the little things you do, it amazes mommy everyday.. I love you so very much.