Thoughts for Thursday

Welcome Thursday!!! This week has gone by so fast. I am excited for the long weekend with my family!! It is a tradition that every 4th of July we go to the LAKE... I can't wait \

I confess.....my house is a complete mess. I have 4 loads of laundry that need to be done.. dishwasher that needs to be empty and clothes that need to be folded.

I confess I have missed all my workouts this week.. I just have not been motivated to do anything.. Not sure if it is because its so hot out or what....

I confess.. that I bought 3 new books that I need to start reading :) and not just stare at them :)

I confess I have shopped online everyday this week :) :) :) :)

I love being a Mommy but this week has been so exhausting....I would like just an hour of ME TIME!!!

I hope everyone has a great 4th of JULY weekend :) can't wait to hear about everyone's fun 4th!


Weekend Rewind

This will be the shortest weekend rewind ever possible.. Lily Jane and I stayed pretty low key this weekend since the Mr. was gone. It was the best weekend we have had in a long time. Just being able to spend time with my baby was so nice .. We went to the pool for several hours and then just had girls time.. I LOVED IT :) Just spending time with your little one with no plans is amazing


Friday Favorites

Good MORNING!!! It's Friday :) My Mr. is going out of town this weekend so Little Miss and myself are having a GIRLS Weekend!!! She is so excited... I hope the weather is good so we can go outside and do things!!

This past weekend we went to ATL for audition for the Family Feud... I am working on that post but we had so much fun... Since we were in ATL we made a fun little weekend out of it...

We look Little Miss to the Aquarium and let me just say I think I had as much fun as she did. I love that place. There are so many neat things and I love seeing all the animals. Its the best aquarium I have been to in a long time. My Brother and Step brother also came so it was nice to be able to spend time with them as well. Lily Jane adores them... We also, went to IKEA (of course) and she was not having it. But we did get a lot of good stuff!!

So I started a new job this week and needed to work on my little cubicle. I am going to show you some BEFORE & AFTER pics but, I am still adding to it so it is still a work in progress. Slow and steady...



So I started my new job on MONDAY...AHH it is very overwhelming but, I am learning.. I guess that comes with any new job. I am so lucky I have family and friends there to keep encouraging me. Its so nice to have such a fun and loving support system! I love them!!! One big change is I am going to have a fun little cubicle!! I am looking at ways to make it fun and bright.. Here are some ideas I have and can't wait to show you a before and after :)



Happy Friday!!

Sorry I have been MIA this week.. It has been a crazy week... I have wanted to hug my little one harder and longer than ever before..

I pray for all the families this week that were hurt by all the tragedy in Orlando. I can't even sit here and image. What is this world coming too? Its very scary.. All I can do is PRAY HARDER TO GOD!!

This week I accepted a new job and I start on MONDAY.. I am very scared and excited. I am taking a leap of FAITH.. I hope God is leading me in the right direction. I will see how it goes... Please say a prayer for me on Monday..

This week Little Miss finished 2 weeks of swim lessons. She did great!! So proud of her. She cried the first week then the second week was so much better.

This week I also repainted a cabinet in the bathroom and it turned out so good. I used Amy Howard Chalk paint :)

This weekend we are heading to ATL to audition for Family Feud.. I can't wait to write my post about how it went and give all the details!!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. We will be celebrating the Mr. in ATL :)


Friday..........Updates...Family Fued

Good Morning Friday!!!! Where has the week gone :( 

1.So some big fun news. My mom is always up to something and you never know what she is going to do...well she applied for our family to audition for Family Feud... and well they picked us. We are heading to ATL next weekend to audition.. Wish us LUCK :) I will write a post all about it once we get back from it. I can't wait 

2) I been praying for some guidance from GOD and well he has answered.. Will have to share the details next week :) I am excited for a new adventure..... LIFE IS ALL ABOUT TAKING RISKS AND TAKING A LEAP OF FAITH


Tropical Storm + Indoor Fun

So today we are under a Tropical Storm Collin Watch/Warning. We are going to stay inside on this nasty raining day. We are hoping it will pass us by!! Today was our first day of swim lessons, so little Miss is so upset. Hope we can still have them tomorrow.

So while we are stuck indoors today we are going to try to some of these indoor actives!! Can't wait to post about them and how they went ;) 
Alpahbet Playdough
Musical Instruments 
Squishy Bag Fun 
Noodle Necklaces 
Bubbles and Balls 
Pom Pom Fun!! 


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!
This was my first week off :) and I loved it. I felt like I got so much done around the house.. My goal is to do each room and deep clean it.. I feel like we have so much junk.... How do you keep all the junk out of your house?

The biggest project was we got a new front door. Our new front door had a huge crack in it so we needed another one.. It turned out amazing :)

Paint Color 

Tranquil Blue Benjamin Moore 

This week everyday we have been going to the pool and this little miss was so tired when we got home from the zoo she passed out after this photo!! 

What do you do with your little ones during the summer to keep them busy?? Thinking of making a little bucket list with her and checking things off :)