Baby Williams is........

Thanks giving was such a wonderful time with our family!! We enjoyed every minute of it. I will post more about Thanksgiving Day later this week. I am on the road traveling for work so my post will be short and sweet. We had our gender reveal on Thanksgiving and it was so much fun!!!

BABY WILLIAMS IS............


Family Pics+ Birthday

On Sunday we had our family pictures and surprisingly enough this was the easiest ones ever. Well, at first I was not even going to do family pictures for the holiday with the baby coming and having new born pictures coming soon but I talked my self into it. I ran to the mall and just grabbed a couple times less than 30 minutes and was in and out. To my belief they turned out so cute.. Maybe next year I will do the same thing!!! Also, normally during family pictures we always have melt downs where the little one doe not want to smile or stand still. This year we told her if she did a good job we would go get ice cream (I guess whatever works LOL).. I got 1 back as a sneak peak and I am in love with it!!! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you already seen it but sharing here. If you don't follow me on Instagram you need to thewilliamsjourney

On Thanksgiving Day our little princess will turn 3.. I can't believe that she is already 3....where does time go...seriously..... We are doing a small family birthday/thanksgiving/gender reveal... It's going to be such an eventful day!! Can't wait to post pics and share....


Christmas Card EXCHANGE

How many of you love getting the mail to find adorable Christmas Cards? That is my favorite thing about the holidays. I love to see sweet families and all the fun cards they picked out. How many of you would love to join in on a Christmas Card Exchange with your favorite bloggers. Let's be real we all feel like we have known each other for ever and ever. We are there for each other to support each other.. I love this idea...

**IF you want to join the Christmas Card EXCHANGE.... Please leave your e-mail address and I will e-mail you and compile a list of addresses and then send it to only the people that leave a message. If you only want to exchange with me thats ok to just let me know in your e-mail!! I am so excited :) 


Holiday Cards

Wow...... Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week (where dose time go?). I am so excited for Thanksgiving as my whole family is coming into town.. It will be so much fun celebrating Lily Jane's birthday and finding out what the baby is...We also, had Christmas Pictures taken of the family and I am so excited to get them back!! Can't wait to share with you....

One of my favorite Christmas Holiday tradition is sending and receiving Christmas/Holiday Cards. I love putting them up around the house and seeing all the adorable family pictures. One of the hardest things to do is find family outfits and pick out the cards..Each year I always go to TinyPrints for their selection. Tiny Print's Christmas cards are always so darling and trendy...sometimes it is so hard to pick the best one.  One of the best options they have that I love is you can upload the picture you want and have the picture display in all the Christmas cards.. That is such a great feature because sometimes its hard to imagine what your family picture will look like on the card.

This year for our holiday card I had a hard time narrowing it down the choices. Here are out top picks from Tiny Prints :) We just adore them

If you order right now you can get 30% off your order using the code; TAKE30! What an amazing deal.. I can't wait to see all your Christmas Cards!! 


DISNEY........On the ROAD

DISNEY........here we come :) We are so excited. We are on the road as we speak. I can't wait to share all our pictures and excitement along the way :) Have a great Wednesday and weekend 


Happy Friday...Countdown

Oh how I am excited for today!!! Its our favorite day FRIDAY!!!!

The countdown has already began...7 days until we take Little Miss to DISNEY!! She is going to love it.. I can't wait to see the excitement she will have when we go.. Disney is already decorated for Christmas so I am so excited to see it.. Our next Disney trip we will plan far in advance so we can do a Princess breakfast etc.... We will enjoy this trip for a long time!

Starbucks new green cups.. I am loving the color of them. I adore the red cups but the green cups will have to work for now... It makes me happy, even though I am not drinking a lot of coffee right now I still love seeing them around..

Tuesday is the big day.. ELECTION DAY....I am so fearful for our country.. This is one election I have not looked forward to voting for.. I have so many mixed emotions but one thing I know for sure is I am glad I won't have to see so many campaign ads on tv....


Thoughts for Thursday...NEED help with Stroller

I am so excited for the Cubs that they won the World Series!! I am not a huge baseball fan but so excited when a team wins that has not in a long time.. Way to go Cubs

I will say I am so nervous about two kids.. I have a lot of the big stuff for the second kid but have some questions about other items that you need with 2. The biggest one is a double stroller...
Right now I have a Britax single and I love it. It's so light and easy but not sure if I should get 

Britax B-AGILE Double Stroller 


The BOB Double Stroller 

Also, we were going to find out what Baby W was on Monday but now my family wants to wait until everyone is there for Thanksgiving so we are waiting until then.. Can't wait I am so excited...