27 weeks.....


Weight Gain: 15 lbs

What's Happening: I am getting bigger and bigger :) We had a wonderful Christmas with all our family. It's amazing to think next Christmas we will be adding another boy to the mix. I can't wait to see all the joys and excitement. This week I took a couple days off and it was so nice to be able to spend time with family and just REST!

Feeling: Ok...Back pain is a ouchy... Trying to take a lot of baths to help and heat. I feel that he is very low and its been a lot of pressure also.

Sleep: What is that.... Tossing and turning all night long looking at the clock.. I know it is adjusting me to prepare for a newborn all over again.. I am also congested so that is not helping with sleeping either

Wearing: LOTS of dresses and leggings :) Leggings are my best friend

Exercise: I wish I could do more. I am going to try to set a goal to walk at least 3 times a week even if its only a mile.

Eating: With the holiday season I feel like I have been eating so many sweets!!!

Missing: Sleep :)

Thoughts: These holiday seasons next year will sure be different. I can't wait to see the different between the two of them. They will love each other so much :) Lily Jane loves to kiss my belly and talk to the baby, it is the sweetest thing to watch. Trying to learn about boy things!! Started to pick out several little things for him. Got the crib put together.. That was a big check.. Now only several things left to go..


Wish List

I know I am so behind but when I sat down to think about what my top gifts wanted were, I had such a hard time thinking of anything...... Each year it gets harder and harder, because we just buy so much through out the year. But here are my top 4 items this year.. This year I wanted more mental/emotional gifts :) With this baby coming I want to be clam and connected with my family as much as possible knowing having a 2nd will through life off just a little bit!!!!

This year I really wanted simple things.

1. Salt Lamp- I have heard great things about it... Not sure if it really works but I think the mental state of just looking at it brings some type of peace!

2. Beach towel- I want to take trips this summer often to the beach with both kids (I know both kids I am crazy but I love the beach)

3. Cozy PJS when the baby comes :) Not sure how many days I will get out of my pjs!!!!

4. Young Living Essential Oils-I am going to hop on the bandwagon and try these oils out. I have heard amazing things about the oils.. NOW there is so much to learn just about oils.... I am going to need a cheat sheet on how to use them all...

What are your top must haves?? 


Baby Boy Nursery Ideas...NEED Crib Help!!!

So I figured 6 months pregnant I better start getting a game plan together for baby boy's nursery!!! The second kid you don't have time like you did with the first to get a lot done. Since I am loving Fixer Upper and love everything about their designs I am wanting to do Plank (shiplap) wall in the nursery behind the crib!! Here are some of my inspirations and I hope the project is not to bad.. Has anyone done this in their house would love some feedback if you have???

I have watched a million videos and red so many tutorials I hope it is as easy as people make it sound. My color's for the nursery are going to be Navy, grey, and white (rustic/wood kind of feel)

Going more towards a grey crib also.. I always wanted a grey crib with the first baby and said if I have a boy I am doing it!!! I want something simple :) Which one doe you like better?????




Weekend rewind......Santa Visit

What a jammed packed weekend we had.. I need a vacation day from a vacation :)

Friday- I drove down to Orlando for one of our best friends wedding. The Omni at Champions Gate was amazing! What a pretty resort it was.. We arrived and had to quickly check in and get ready for the rehearsal that my husband had to go to and then the dinner was at 6. It was a long drive for me because my back was killing me and has been hurting so I was so glad when all the activities were over so I could put my feet up.

Saturday- Jeff had to wake up and play golf in the morning and then had wedding things all day so I had the day to my self. It was the first time in a long time that I could do whatever I wanted.....So I went to IKEA and the Outlets. I really needed to get a little book shelf for the babies closet and do some Christmas shopping. I was able to do some shopping for myself too :) Tory Burch was having a great sale and scored some amazing sandals :) I then got a phone call from Jeff asking me if I could be back at the hotel by 2 and I was like sure what do you need me to do. He asked if I could  help do things for the wedding. When I got back to the hotel he surprised me with a massage :) It was amazing. It was the best prenatal massage I have ever had!!! After the massage it was wedding time! We had such a fun time celebrating with the bride and groom.

Sunday- We woke up super early to drive back and to get little miss. We missed her dearly :) She was so excited to see us, us too!! We then had to go to a friends Cookie decorating, Polar Express, Santa Visit Party! It was so much fun to end the weekend with wonderful friends! The kids have so much fun playing with each other!


Happy Friday!!!

What a long week it has been... Wish we could relax this weekend, but we are off to Orlando for a wedding!!!

1. I was so excited I got to see sweet baby boy this week. He was playing peak-a-boo :) such a sweet and neat experience to get to see your child. I think it is so crazy that you are able to carry a baby inside of you and how much it grows each time. Can't wait to hold this sweet baby

2. We brought the elf out last weekend and we have been having so much fun with her. This week my MIL had to have hip replacement surgery (and did great) so one day the ELF had surgery as well :) Lily Jane thought that was so funny. She thinks my MIL is getting a new purple hip...

3. This week we made our annual Gingerbread house. This year it was so much fun because Lily Jane was able to decorate it and (EAT most of the candy lol). I wanted to try and start a new tradition each year with her so we are trying to think of this year we will add doing a family ice skating and hot chocolate with a car ride looking at lights! What do you like to do with your kids each year??

4.Heading off to Orlando for my husbands best friends wedding!!! I can't wait to be able to go shopping by myself and maybe get some Christmas shopping done :)


24 Weeks


Weight Gain: 12 lbs

What's Happening: We found out it is a BOY! We are beyond excited. We have started planning and are in full swing. I am not sure about any second time moms out there but the second one we are so far behind on the game. We have no name yet, no real nursery plans yet. We are so busy with the 1st one we really never have time.

Feeling: I have started to feel great expect for a lot of pressure and BACK pain :( I never really had back pain with Lily Jane but man its kicking my butt.

Sleep: I am still tossing and turning, I think it is more my lower back that is killing me when I sleep

Wearing: Still wearing my dresses and long dresses. I have bought a couple tops bigger in size and I am loving my maternity leggings.

Exercise: I am trying... Let's be real my exercise is chasing my 3 year old around.

Eating: Loving CHIPS :)

Missing: Coffee and fun drinks when we have been at football games and outings

Thoughts: I am beyond blessed by measure that my body can handle having another baby and that I get to love on another one. I am excited that we are having a baby boy. I want that mams boy. Lily Jane is such a daddies girl.. Lily Jane is also coming around to the idea that we are having a boy and she is having a brother. At first she was sad because she wanted a girl but she will love her brother so much.


Baby Number 2.......HELP

It's been over 3 years since I had a baby registry for a new baby coming...I need all your mommy input. We have so much stuff from Lily Jane we are not sure what else we need especially anything different for a baby BOY... We need your help.. Also, I have seen so many new things they have come up with that not sure what we need. If you have your top pick of 3 items what would they be?????? Any advice we would love for a boy!!!