Happy Halloween.....PARTY

This past week was so crazy... We went to so many Trunk Or Treats. This year I felt like i got my moneys worth for her costume... WE are so excited about tonight.. More Halloween pictures will come tomorrow!!! I can't wait to see all of your little ones in their outfits!


Gender Reveal.....BOY or GIRL

On Monday we get to see our sweet little baby and find out if we are having a baby BOY or baby Girl.... I will be almost 19 weeks and I hope the baby will show us their goods so we can find out. Jeff and I are not going to find out during the appt., rather than let our little princess be apart of it too. We will do a little gender reveal right before we go trick or treating!!! 



Weekend Recap+ Little Sugar Plum SALE

Fall is in the air... I love this time of the year. We always have so much going on during the fall.. With football games, and fall festivals we always have something going on.. We are also, in this stage where Lily Jane is having a lot of birthday parties to go to.. Friday night was a very chilled night, we were getting ready for Saturday!!

Saturday was a crazy day. Lily Jane had a birthday party to go to. She loved it and did not want to leave but then it was nap time so we had to get home. Then after nap time we went to a fall festival with some friends. The fall festival was so much fun for the kids. They had face painting so Lily Jane thought it was the best.. After the fall festival I went to my sister in laws house for a paint party and Jeff took Lily Jane to a halloween party. We thought she would be so tired from all the parties but that little stinker woke up at 5:45 :(

Sunday we went to church and then Lily Jane and myself went shopping. Jeff helped his parents move all day.. They are redoing their floors.

This week we find out if baby number #2 is a girl or a boy!!!! We will have a little party on Halloween and we are so excited!! With that we are having a sale over at Little Sugar Plum 
25% off your ENTIRE ORDER!!!! 


17 Weeks......Friday


Weight Gain: I have not been to the dr. but it feels like I have gain at least 5 pounds

What's Happening: I am still worried about the Graves’ Disease. Not sure what to think, but know GOD is in control and will help me figure it out. I am ready to feel this sweet baby kick!!! We have so many things going on during the weekends that Oct has gone by so fast.

Feeling: This week has been the first week that I have started to feel ok. I was able to cook dinner last night and enjoy my sweet girl without a nap.

Sleep: I toss and turn all night long. I got a body pillow but it is so big not sure if I like it..

Wearing: Regular dresses, and tops that are a size larger or looser fitting. I am loving fall clothes because you can wear bigger clothes :) Love long dresses

Exercise: I try to get up and move and take night walks in the neighborhood. Its so hard with a 2 almost 3 year old.

Eating: I craving salty foods.. Loving fires, chips and salsa.

Missing: Coffee especially in this fall weather.. I am trying to find new drinks like apple cider, hot chocolate to make me feel better!!

Thoughts: I can't wait to find out what we are having in less than 2 weeks. I never liked halloween but this year I am so excited about it and watching my little girl get dressed up and finding out what we are having :)


Thoughts of Thursday!!!!

Hello Thursday... One more day until Friday :) 

Today I am writing from the heart. I am having a big struggle with working full time and having our 2nd baby in March. I have been trying to think how am I going to balance this all and how so many women out there are so lucky that they get to stay home with their kids. I know it is not easy work because some weekends when I am home all day with my little one I want to pull my hair out. I would love to have the option to work part time or stay at home. Not sure how we can make it work though, so I know I am going to have to work full time and I am just having a hard time with it. All, I think about is am I doing the right thing. Sometimes its hard to wake up and go to work and drop your little one off at day care. How do you do this full time working moms? Stay at home moms how did you make the decision to stay at home?? I just need some advice and help. Sorry for being so honest but my heart has been heavy this week with thinking about this. Also, thinking do I want to do back teaching to have all the time off with my babies.. Thanks girls I love all your advice and feel like I can be honest... It's not always easy.. 


Weekend Review

What a wonderful weekend it was.... 

Friday-When FSU has a home football game they have a Downtown Get Down where they block the streets off and have food, music and a party. We took Lily Jane down there because she has been wanting her face painted for a long time now. The only place I could think of that would have face painting was this event. So we took her down there and she had a blast. She got her face painted and loved it. Then we went to the pumpkin patch and watched a movie and met up with my nephews. They had so much fun. When we got home Lily Jane had a melt down about taking her face paint off. I was worried about the paint staining her bed, etc.. So we wiped it off. 

Saturday- We woke up landed low for a while. Then we went to watch my nephew at his soccer game. Soccer games for 4 year olds are so funny they run all around trying to figure out what to do. It is the cutest thing ever. Then we went shoe shopping with Lily Jane (man does she have an opinion) we could not leave the store without screaming.  Then we went home and watched football the rest of the day.

Sunday- We had a 1st birthday to go to. It was so cute because it was a costume birthday party. We loved it. All the kids looked so cute. Then we went home to take a nap and then went and got slushie. This pregnant mom wanted one so bad :) 


Disney Trip Booked............YAY for Friday

I am beyond excited that today is FRIDAY.. I look forward to FRIDAY soon much.... Other exciting news we just booked our fast trip to Disney for little miss who is turning 3 in Nov! We wanted to take her before she turned 3 and before the baby came. We are going for a super fast trip and it was last minute.

A few things I have already learned about a Disney trip is to book super early.. We waited for a while to pick dates and not all onsite hotels were pretty much booked up... We are staying off site which is ok for our first time there. The next trip we will make sure we plan it several of months in advance to be able to do all the stuff we want to do. We know Lily Jane will have so much fun though..

If any of you girls have any DISNEY tricks or trips please let me know!!! 


Roll CALL...Tuesday

I've been seeing this post on a few of my favorite blogs and I LOVE the idea!  It's a great way to get to know readers better and to interact more (just make sure you're not a 'no reply commenter' so that I can respond by email).  I love getting the change to interact with my readers, it makes me so happy J


With being pregnant with the second it is hard to make time or even have my mind clear to sit down and type out a post. I am hoping that it is going to get easier. How do you write your post with your buys schedule?


      Please Comment below with:

Your Name
Where you Live
What do you love about fall
If you have kids how many



Pregnancy.......Week 15

Sorry the picture is not the best :(


Weight Gain: Last time I was at the dr. I had lost 2 pounds.. I am eating all the times I can but still can’t gain weight.

What's Happening: I can’t feel the baby yet. I can’t wait until I do. As some of you know I have hyperthyroidism so my levels have been so crazy. They are trying to figure what to do. They think I might have Graves’ Disease. Not sure what to think.

Feeling: I feel so very tired still. I think with my levels off it just makes me crazy. Most of the day I feel ok and then at night is the hardest.

Sleep: Sleep comes and goes. Some nights, I sleep great, but others, I toss and turn for hours.

Wearing: Regular dresses, and tops that are a size larger or looser fitting. I don’t really like pants right now.

Exercise: I'm not following an exercise plan per se, but I try to be active chasing a 2.5 year old around the house after work. I can’t seem to find the motivation to work out. I am so tired all the time.

Eating: I craving salty foods J I am liking beagle bites all the time. Not sure where this is coming from. Eating good right now just doesn’t sound good.

Missing: Running, Coffee, soft cheeses, and my normal body. Trying to play with a 2.5 year old sometimes is hard and not being able to carry her as much.

Thoughts: This pregnancy has gone by so fast with already having a little one to keep you busy. I am nervous about the blood test in 2 weeks to see if my levels have gone up and if I do have Graves’ Disease. It is all in God’s hands and I know he will protect us. We will find out what we are having Oct 31st !

I  feel so bad with the first one I was really good doing updates and taking pictures. The second one I have been slacking and not with it as much. I feel like there is so much going on I don't know how to handle or juggle it yet. This is defiantly going to be a learning process to transition.


Hurrican Matthew

We are watching Hurricane Matthew very closely. All my family on my dad's side lives down in West Palm Beach and even my brother. I told them to come up here and they are so stubborn they would not listen. I just pray for protection over all the people down there that can't leave and have to stick the storm out. Here are some Hurricane Tips..
1. Lower the temperature on your refrigerator and freezer to the lowest temp. Put bags of water in the freezer that you can act as ice packs around most of your food.
2. Fill your bathtub up with water. You will be able to use the water for the toilet if you loose running water.
3. Charge all device batteries. Cell Phones,laptops, back up batteries for the devices. Don't use up all your cell phone battery searching the internet. Have a radio...

I hope everyone stays safe. The last hurricane that hit FL we had no power for 5 days :(


Breast cancer Awareness......Disability Awareness

The month of October is Breast cancer Awareness and also, Disability Awareness. I always knew it was Breast cancer Awareness but never really knew it was Disability Awareness as well. Being a former teacher it makes me happy that we have a month dedicated to allowing all children to be seen as equal and really promote education on looking at each child's special talents.

I pray for each person and all the families that have ever had to go through breast cancer.. I could not even image.



What an exciting Football Weekend... So many crazy games of football that had you on the edge of your seat.
Friday-was a very low key night with dinner and ice cream with the little one. We knew Saturday was going to be a crazy and hectic day...

Saturday-We woke up laid around and then had to get a move on the day. Lily Jane had a birthday party for a little friend so we went to that. Then we left that and went to tailgate for the FSU game for a little bit. My husbands fraternity brothers were in town so he wanted to see them and hang out. We tailgated for a few hours then headed over to our other friends house to watch the TN vs. GA game.. Talk about a game my goodness.. TN pulled it off the last 10 seconds of the game... We had a blast. Little Miss was so tired and slept in until 8 am..

the girls got bored of the football games LOL

Sunday-We went to church and then home to take a nap. Then we went to a little farm with a friend to see all the animals and corn maze. The girls loved it. They got to hold a bunny and they loved it!!