Weekend Recap

Wow what a wonderful birthday weekend I had....My husband took me to the beach with  2 other couples and we had a blast! Friday, when we got there one of his friends had already got dinner and we just sat outside and talked and ate and looked at the ocean (so relaxing). Saturday, the boys went to play golf and the girls went to the Outlets to shop :) We had so much fun but then decided we needed lunch and the beach!! So we went to get lunch and then head to the beach. We stayed on the beach for the rest of the day and just had a blast. We all caught up on each other's life and one of the girls is getting married in December so we got to hear all about wedding planning! Then, we al came up and took showers and got ready for the night. When we go to the beach we always try new places. This weekend we went to the Vue on 30a and it was amazing. They do a lot of weddings there and the view was amazing :) Then on Sunday of course we went to the Doughnut Hole and if you have never been there you are missing out!! It is the best breakfast spot. They have 3 locations now in Destin,30A and Sand Destin. Its a must go place if we are over there. After breakfast we headed home to get little miss and we played all Sunday :) The best time is spent just playing with her


Weekend Review......Tampa

What a wonderful weekend it was.. I am going to apologize for the photo overload....We had a blast in Tampa. Today is rough because we are back to the normal.....

Thursday night Little Miss and myself drove down and met the MR. in Tampa. It was a LONG drive because she screamed and cried the whole time. I had to pull over a few times because i did not know if I could make it there.. Have you ever been in a car with a screaming little one and could not go anywhere and nothing helped :( I was so excited when we finally got there... We had not seen the Mr. in 5 days!!!!

Friday.. We woke up and went to meet one of my girl friends I met in College. It was so nice to crab breakfast and chat about life!! We then went back to the hotel and went swimming and had a few drinks.. Then there was a Trolley right out side of out hotel that ran all downtown.. Lily Jane loved the Trolley, she wanted to keep riding it. It was the highlight of her day. We finally went back to the hotel to hang out get showers and get ready for dinner. We went back on the Trolley to go to dinner!! Then a storm was rolling in so we had to hurry and get back to the hotel.....

Saturday.. We woke up early to head to the Zoo because we knew it was going to be hot... I will never go to the zoo again in the middle of JULY...MAN IT WAS HOT...Next, time we are going to do everything inside. I don't know how people do Disney in the summer time that dose not even sound fun to me.. Lily Jane wanted to be held the whole time which made it worst... But, she had a great time. We went back to the hotel to take naps and go to the pool. Taking a nap in the hotel is a pain :( too much going on so she would not sleep.. We all went to the pool and hung out for several hours then went to dinner...

It was such a nice weekend to be able to spend time with my Dad and brother.. Making Memories!!


This and That.........

This summer has been so hectic... For the past 5 weeks each weekend we have something planned. We have been going on vacation, visiting family and just hanging out. This week we are heading to Tampa to visit with my Dad and Brother. The Mr. has been out of town since Sunday so we been surviving :) Little Miss has been asking about getting her ears pierced for about 2 months now.. There has always been something going on and we keep pushing it back. The Mr. said, " he did not want to go because he did not want to see Lily Jane cry." So yesterday on a limb I asked Lily Jane if she wanted to get her ears pierced. She said Yes Mommy. So off to the mall we went... I was so nervous because I thought she would have said no. We get to the mall and the lady said that she was the only one so they would have to do the ears one at a time... I panicked because what if she would not let them do the other one but, she got so excited. We picked out the earrings, signed all the paper work and then it was time....I was so scared for her.  She did so good, better than I thought. She only shed a few tears. Then they asked her if she like them and she said " I LOVE THEM" I was so happy for her and now she is showing them off to everyone we see :)


4th of July Recap

WOW..What an amazing weekend.. I love weekends that are low key and spending time with my family. My Mom and Step Dad live about 3 hours away so we don't seem them as much as I would like to see them. They have a lake house so our 4th of July tradition is to go there. This will be our 6th year going there. So funny how our 4th of July has changed, clamed down over the time. I guess we are growing up :)
Lily Jane just loved the Lake.. She is a swimming machine. She will stay in the water all day long if we would let her. She has NO FEAR.. She jumps off the boat and off the dock with no fear or care in the world. I love that she has so FEAR......but, it also scares me so much...
My Granny also, lives with my Mom so we where able to spend time with her and make memories. I know my granny wont remember but its nice for Lily Jane to be able to spend that time...
We also, went out on the boat to watch fireworks and had a blast.\
Monday we went to the small little town parade and Lily Jane was so excited to get all the beads and Lollipops. This week my mom wanted to keep little Miss for a couple of days so the MR. and I not sure what we are going to do without her. I am going to miss her terribly but I think it is nice that she is able to spend time with her LuLu and Papa..

It was nice to be able to sit by the lake drink my coffee and read a book!! AHHHH it was amazing :)

I met a couple that bought an old Farm and they had 3 old farm houses that they want to tear down so I told them I wanted the wood :) They told me I could come get whatever I wanted... I am in love with Shiplap so my head started spinning :)