Valentine's Questions

I have some questions? How many of you do Valentine's on the 14th? I feel like all the places increase their prices. I am not one to want to wait hours just to eat, or be in an area with large crowds. 

*If you could pick your favorite Valentine's Day or date what would it be? 

* Do you like to revive gifts? What do you like to get? 

Asking for a friend!!!!!


Traveling + Rome + Florence

Alright BIG NEWS!!! We just booked a trip to ITALY and I am so excited. I have always wanted to travel aboard and am so excited to actually be going. We are going to be going in April. We will go to Rome for 3 days and Florence for 3 days. Has anyone ever been? If so I need a ton of suggestions.  I am starting to buy items to take on the trip. It looks like over there in April is high 67/43 low. I am also looking into doing tours and making an itinerary.. More to come!!!


2019.....NEW YEAR

Wow I have not wrote on my blog in a long time.. My new year goal is to write more on this space. The reason I started this blog was just to share mom life and I have met so many fabulous ladies and I am ready to get back to my space.  I hope everyone had a fabulous  Christmas and New Year...  My family had a fabulous time off and making many memories that we will never forget! One thing that was nice Jeff and I were able to escape 2 nights in ATL to get some refreshing time away together!

This fall we had our family pictures and I wanted to share them because I never got to post them!! They capture our family perfect!!