Weekend Rewind

WOW!!! This is the first weekend in a long time that Lily Jane actually was feeling better.. Friday night we celebrated Mr. Birthday by just hanging out together.. I cooked him a nice dinner and we watched a movie together.. I know lame but when you don't get much alone time together it is the little things that mean the most!! We loved it....it was perfect...
Saturday we had a Spring time parade so we took Lily Jane down there and met up with some friends. Lily Jane was unsure of the parade with all the loud noises and dose not like to sit still...(she gets it from her mommy) So we just walked around downtown and looked at all the exciting things and vendors. Then we went home and Lily Jane took a nap and I crafted and monogrammed ;)

After Lily Jane woke up from her nap we made a Costco trip and went to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny.. I think Lily Jane loved it.....NOT.. Maybe next year....

After the Easter Bunny!!! She is something else ;) 

Sunday we went to church and went out to lunch as a family.. Then went to look at more houses :( No Luck.. I am trying to talk Mr. into building another house.....not going good so far...

Happy Monday.. Hope everyone had a great weekend...


Happy Friday

1) Today is my MR. birthday!! I am so excited that God put him in my life. He sure knew I needed someone to keep me clam. He is the best Daddy to Lily Jane and the best Husband to me. I don't know where I would be if he was not in my life.....

2) So Lily Jane got sick again this week... Another ear infection :( We have made an appt to the ENT and I think our next step is tubes.. I don't want them but I have heard great things about tube and how they help soo much!!!!  We shall see how it goes....

3) Last weekend there was 1 day we had that we go to spend as a family and everyone was in a great mood... so we took Lily Jane down to the splash pad and let her have a blast with the water.. SHE LOVES THE WATER....She loves playing in the bath, sinks and even in the toilet :( We have to make sure we put the seat down... Crazy

4) Don't forget to Enter this amazing giveaway
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Thoughts for Thursday

I am going to start making this a every Thursday kind of thing. Sharing my thoughts about whats going on in my life or just for the week!! This week has been a hard week for us. With Lily Jane being sick, me going back to work from spring break (is it summer yet) and Mr. traveling.. I have been doubting myself as a Mommy this week. I feel like I can't get it all done, I can't be the Mommy Lily Jane needs...It is so hard when they are sick because they are so needy and you can't get anything done. I felt like I failed this week, until I opened my e-mail yesterday it was just what I needed. Don't you love when you get an e-mail and it speaks so perfectly to you!!! I get an daily devotion from Proverbs 31 and they are so powerful. The title of the post was There's No Such Thing as a Perfect Mom.... "Her children arise and call her blessed;" Proverbs 31:28a (NIV) 

 I desperately wanted to be a good mom, the best mom. In fact, I hoped I could make up for my past mistakes if I were the perfect mom. So I set standards for myself that I couldn’t meet — no one could — and constantly felt like a failure.
I imagine many moms feel that way at times. We set our minds to being the most patient, loving, thoughtful, caring, kind, generous and selfless mothers ever, but life and reality get in the way. Colicky babies, tantrum-throwing toddlers, defiant third graders, disrespectful middle schoolers, and hormonal teenagers shake our quest for perfection.
No matter how hard we try, we can’t live up to the standard of being perfect moms with perfect kids who rise up every day and call us blessed.
When we read today’s key verse, it might make us wonder if we’re enough as a mom — especially on those days when we don’t feel like enough. But the truth is, this woman’s husband and children, who knew her better than anyone else, were recipients of her love, care and unselfish habits. They believed she was a good mother and wife and respected her faith and who she was overall, and they were proud.
It doesn’t say she was perfect, just that she was perfectly loved and respected.
All of us have made mistakes or endured hardships in life, but we don’t have to let our past become a stumbling block for our future or impact the futures of our children. God has called us all to a divine purpose in this life, and sometimes the highest, most divine calling of all, is being a mom.
Not a perfect mom, but a mom who loves the Lord, and seeks grace when she stumbles and strength when she’s weary. A mom who pushes past her lack of confidence and regrets from the past, and allows God to use those experiences to shape her into a faith role model for her kids.
A mom who simply tries her best, while remembering she has a God who will guide her through each season of parenting, one imperfect day after another. A mom who loves her children enough to teach them to love Him too, even in the midst of her own short-comings.
And one day, those sweet babies just might rise up and call us blessed, simply because we built a legacy of faith and love. Then every prayer for grace, mercy, forgiveness, patience and perseverance will be well worth the wait.

How amazing was this devotion...We need to let God lead us and lean on him in our times of struggle we can't do it all. This was so amazing to read because it spoke out to me in the perfect timing...  


Spring/Summer Fun

I have recently updated my Etsy shop and am adding more and more as we speak. Such cute stuff for the Spring/Summer.. I love the Mint/Coral colors this season!!!!  If you need more items let me know ;)



Mommy Update+Amazing Giveaway

Mommy life…..Gets the best of your emotions all the time…
Update Lily Jane now has an Ear Infection… We can't win.. We are thinking about tubes she has had way to many of these.. I feel so bad for her.. Any advice would be wonderful...

but we haven't been too busy to put together the march group giveaway...and it's a hefty one! I HOPE YOU DON'T ENTER…. SO I CAN WIN :) :) I love meeting all you new girls!!!! 

hefty to the tune of $170 in PayPal cash. you bet. 

oh! and i bet you couldn't help but notice all the snazzy ladies who brought you the giveaway.

pretty enough to be princesses...that's all i'm saying.

do your thing. check the gal-faces out. find a new blog or seven. get entered. good luck!
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happy tuesday!


I'm Back!!!

I am back from Spring Break. I have missed my blog so much but knew I needed to spend family time and Lily Jane ended up getting really sick :( glad I was able to stay at home with her.. Here is our Week Recap..
Last weekend we went to 30A and I was so excited to be able to spend time with our friends. We had a blast (expect our last night we ended up in the ER down there)

Friday we checked in and got all the gear situated, when going on vacation with a little one you have to bring your whole house (how it was so much easier without littles ones). Lily Jane had a coughing act and started to throw up. Then Saturday we all hung out by the pool and swam and just cooked out. Saturday night we all went down to Seaside to let the kids walk around and get ice cream. We had so much fun.Sunday Lily Jane was very fussy and was pulling on her ear so I just new she had an ear ache, so we got her some meds and she started to throw them up :( and so we tried to take her to the beach for a few and she was so tired and fussy. We then spent most of the day in the condo and she threw up again and was just out of it but never felt hot. So that night we all got ready and went back down to Watercolor and Seaside to walk around. As we were walking around I looked at Lily Jane because she was being quite and her lips, hands, and feet were Purple.. Yes Purple and I freaked out...... I started to cry because I did not know what to do.. Thankful Mr. was there and was able to keep it together. We ended up rushing to the car and going to the ER at the beach (the scariest thing because she feel asleep in the car and was not waking up) We checked into the ER with a 103.4 fever and by the time the nurse came in her fever was 104.2 with a heart rate of 170...Freaked Mommy out.... So they just monitored her gave her some meds and started running test. Everything came back ok and they said she had a bad virus :*( Thankfully there was nothing serious wrong but scared me soo much..... So the next couple of days we went to my mom so she could help take care of Lily Jane and just to hang out and low key it for a couple of days.

We then came home Thursday and she started finally feeling better and we just hung out and started to clean our house and looked at other houses (no luck) we did make an offer 2 weeks ago but did not get it... In our town the market is crazy, house gets multiple offers in 24 hours. You have to be ready...
Then Friday I got to have a day to myself and my MIL watched Lily Jane for a day to give me a day to get everything that I planned to get done during my break I could. Then Saturday we had a family day it was so nice because Lily Jane was so much fun and feeling so much better..

That is why I have been MIA.... It has been so crazy.. Never no what the day will bring you.. I just Thank GOD Lily Jane is ok!!


Spring Break

I am going to be MIA from the blog this week.. I am taking this week to enjoy my sweet Lily Jane and enjoy as much time with her as I can. We are also getting our house ready to list so we have a lot going on.. I can't wait to share everything about our Spring Break :) I will miss you girls.... See you in a couple of days


4 Things About ME-Friday

Sometimes when I start following a new blog I love to go back to older post to get to know more about each of you that I start following. I thought I would do a little thing for some of you girls to get to know me better!!!!  P.S I am heading to the beach :) :) :)Hope everyone has a great weekend

Four names people call me other than my real name:

Little Chels
Honey (Mr.)
Mama ( Lil Jane)

Four Jobs I've had:

Hostess at Quaker Steak N Lube
Sale Associate GAP
Runner at Law Office
Currently Teacher 

Four movies I've watched more than once:

The Hoilday
Sweet Home Alabama

Four places that I have visited:

New York City
North Carolina
Knoxville, TN
Saint Lucia 

Four places I'd rather be right now:

The beach ( will be there in 4 hours)
Spending time with my family
At the pool laying out 

Four things I don't eat:


Four of my favorite foods:

anything breakfast 
DARK Chocolate 
DARK Chocolate

Four TV shows I watch:

Heart of Dixie
Grey's Anatomy
House Hunters 

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:

One of my best friends is getting married 
Going to Boston
Having the Summer off 
Spending my Summer with Lily Jane 

Happy Friday!! I hope you have learn a little bit more about me




Wednesday….ALMOST Friday

I am so excited that it is almost half way through the week because that means…I start SPRING BREAK on Friday at 3:15 for a whole week.. A whole WEEK…  The first part of the week we are going to a place called 30A *Santa Rosa Beach * which is my happy place it is so cute!!There are several little villages (Alys beach is my favorite) I love it when I am down there..We are going with another family that has 3 kids.. I love when families get together and go on vacation.. I am hoping her kids can entrain my child ;) SO HURRY UP FRIDAY!!!!!



Oh how watching The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure…but man I am sure am tired today after a 3 hr show.. I am normally in bed by 945 lol.. I know I am an old lady….

HERE IT IS…….I AM SO HAPPY FOR WHITNEY!!!! I was TeamWhitney from day 1… I really liked Whitney.. I think she is so cute and great for Chris.. After seeing them at the final rose they look so happy.. I just really hope it works out of them….I picked her from the very beginning ( a friend made me do a Bachelor bracket) 

After watching his time with Becca I think he really liked her..I think she was just unsure of everything and young and never been in love before.. I truly think she was very unsure of moving to Arlington. What do you think would have happen if she would have told him she was in Love with Chris and would move to Arlington?? Do you think that would have changed it for him??? It looked like he had such a hard decision…

I was so excited to see that Whitney was so excited to be with Chris in his hometown on the farm and at his house..I really hope them the best and hope that they work out…

OMG OMG OMG…. Did you see the news about the new Bachlorette?? 2 women and then the men will pick which one they seen themselves with..at the first cocktail party. I hope they are not to mean to the girls.. I am secretly hoping it is Kaitlyn…..not sure if I could watch a hole season of Britt after the Women Tell All.. What are your thoughts??


Weekend Recap

How dose the weekend go by so fast and the week goes by so slow.... This weekend my brother came to visit and I was so excited. He lives in South Florida and has not seen his niece since December and she has grown so much in 3 months and is walking so much better. We had a blast with him. We also had a birthday party to go to.. Lily Jane loves going to birthday parities. This weekend the weather was 65 and sunny and we played outside all weekend!!! I love it.. Sunday was a little rough with the time change because we missed part of Church.. We did not wake up in time. Then Lily Jane was thrown off. Was any of our mini's thrown off from the time change? I am just so excited to have more light outside and I can feel like we get to do more outside ;)