38 Weeks

Love seeing his sweet little nose and lips.. Already looking like his daddy!!!!!

Wow we made it 38 weeks. It's so funny to think I am still here and pregnant. With Lily Jane she came 36 weeks so I don't know what it is like to be 38 weeks. I am loving being pregnant but at the same time I am ready to hold my sweet baby boy. I am scared, nervous and excited all at once.

How far along? 38 weeks
Gender: Boy baby
Weight Gain? 35ish pounds
Maternity Clothes?   Yes I have 5 dresses I been wearing to work and going through them. I am so close to the end, that I don't want to buy anything new..
Stretch Marks? They are starting to creep out
Belly button in or out?  OUT :( Lily Jane keeps poking it and asking is that were baby is. It's so cute
Sleep:  No sleep these days. toss and turn which seems like a huge task. Going to the bathroom 2-3 times a night
Best moment this week:  We had our last Dr. appt. and got to see our sweet baby he was guessing 7lbs so far
Symptoms:  Just feeling huge and so tired. I am excited for this sweet boy but also scared about having 2.
Miss Anything?  My shoes fitting. My feet are already swelling and my fingers
Movement?  LOTS...he is a kicker but running out of room.
Cravings?  Not really craving anything but feel hungry all the time
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to? On Tuesday we go in to be induce. I am so excited but very scared.

Any moms out there had to be induced?? Would love to hear your experience...


Weekend Wrap

Weekends are getting shorter how is that possible... These last weekends before baby comes have been so busy that I have not been able to rest for baby. I really hope he comes soon... My body is ready....

**ANY TRICKS TO INDUCE LABOR ?????????????*********

Friday we hung out and took Lily Jane to the park after school to let her run some energy out. I swear she has so much energy I don't know where she gets it from.

Saturday we tried to run last minute errands before 2 birthday parties. We had two birthday parties within 2 hours of each other. So we went to the first party and then had to leave to go to the next party. Then we just went out to eat because this momma was tired. My feet have started to swell and I am not sure what's going on. With my first my feet never swelled.. I think this baby is ready.

Sunday, Lily Jane slept until 8:30 (really 7:30) but hey I will take it. She has been not wanting to take naps on the weekends which makes it very difficult. Any of your little ones stop taking naps on the weekends? How old were they? She takes naps at school but not on weekends not sure how that happened. Then my girlfriend wanted to do a photo shoot for this company that rents animals, so she needed little girls so we took Lily Jane out to the farm to see animals. She was unsure of the animals at first but then had a blast ;)


Weeekend Wrap

Wow I so needed this weekend to jut rest.. I have been going 100 miles a minute and it was nice to have no plans and just rest and run errands. I am so glad my hubby is back and now sweet baby can come at any time :) How many of you have been induced at 39 weeks? If baby is not here I am signing up....

Friday, I left an hour early from work to go home and lay down and rest before I had to go get little miss before hubby came home. He has been gone for 3 days for training. I am so glad to have him back because I can stop stressing.. Then we needed to have dinner and now I am starting my dairy free it has been difficult finding dinners and food items to eat.. It takes us a good 30 minutes to figure out what we are going to eat....  We finally decided on good old chicken :)

Saturday, we took little Miss to Home Depot to get last minute things we needed at the house and they were having a kids building workshop.. She loved it.. She was so proud to build her rain gauge... Then, we had to go home so she could paint it... She told hubby she needed tools now to help fix things around the house (scary)

Then we just hung out and out of the blue my mom called and said she was coming into town.. Little Miss was so excited and did not want to do or go anywhere until my mom got in town.. It is so sweet to see the  bond between them... Then we all ate dinner and hung out..

Sunday, we all went to church, which was so nice to be able to do that. Then we took Lily Jane to the FSU baseball game and she loved it. I think she is going to be like her mommy, she just peopled watched and was asking so many questions did not really care about the baseball being played  :)

LOL.. That is so my child!!!! I love her and now we wait for baby number 2!!!!


Sneak Peak.....Nursery

Good morning MARCH :) It is Porter's birth Month... I can't wait to meet and snuggle with that sweet boy... Jeff had to leave this morning for a business trip, but he will be back Friday so sweet baby needs to wait until after Friday!!!!

Here is a Sneak Peak of his nursery... can't wait to share it all!!!
This was his inspiration board :)

His nursery so far :)