Thoughts for Thursday

This week has been so crazy and gone by so fast.. My little one went to her first camp this week. She was so excited. It was a cooking camp and everyday she comes home wanting to go back. She is loving it so much but, will be so sad tomorrow when it is over. She will go to VBS next wee so hopefully she will have fun..

Father's day weekend last week was great. We got to spend time as a family go to the park, swim, went to a crazy ice cream place and just had a blast....

This week have also been very emotional, I can't really go into detail about it but if you guys would just pray for our family for strength and wisdom we would really appreciate it. We are battling a bigger fight then we know what to do with. We are trying to relay on God to help us..


Wacky Wednesday

This week I have been in training's all week.. Who says teachers have the summer OFF.. I have been playing, training and everything in between. This weeks training was all about Teacher Leaders. We learned team building, how to lead teachers at our school, and how to have a Growth Mindset. I love meeting teachers from other schools and learning how things are done differently. As teachers we are always growing and developing our ways. Playing for next year all ready!! It never ends, but i LOVE IT. Would not have it any other way!! Always remember to say THANK YOU to a teacher, it means more than you know.


Rough Week

This week has been a rough week, My mom was here visiting us and on Thursday night she got really sick. I had to take her to the ER. In the mist of everything happening the hubby was out of town for business so thank GOD for amazing neighbors, that ran over to take care of the kids. They got here at about 7:45.I took my mom to the ER, poor thing she broke out in hives was running a fever chills and bad stomach pain. They took her in and ran all kinds of test. Thankfully nothing major. She had a bad reaction to medicine and stomach ulcer. They sent us home at about 2:15. Needles to say I went to bed at 3 and was so tired, the kids woke up at 6:15 and I had to take care of my mom and the kids. The MR. didn't get home until 9:30 that night and I was so tired.. I needed a break to sleep alll DAY... So my mom is finally feeling better and we took her back home 3 hours away yesterday afternoon.



Weekend Rewind

This weekend was so busy..I felt like we where non stop

Friday- Was my last day at work for the SUMMER :) I took Lily Jane with me to school and she had a blast cleaning up my room.She ran around wild. We then went to the pool for the afternoon it was amazing. All her little friends and their moms were at the pool. It was nice to just relax and play with her..

Saturday-The hubby played golf and we played all morning. Lily Jane wanted to go to the pool again but it rained all afternoon so we went to get snow cones! The kids eat them all up.. Then we cooked pizza together as a family!! I love cooking and eating as a family

Sunday-We went to church and had a luncheon at church. Then we had 2 birthday parities at the same time.So we went to 1 for the first hour then went to the 2nd one for the last hour. We ran around crazy... Then we went to the pool again.. I can see our summers future at the pool all the time.. Which I am so much more about sitting under the shade a lot of the time.. I had 2 scares with little spots that were cancerous but they were able to get them...

Hope you had a fabulous  weekend.