Mother's Day- Happy Friday

April is almost done and we are entering MAY!!! Mother's day will be approaching us very soon....like next weekend!!I really want to spend time with my little one that made me become a MOM. I think it is so special to do things with her... Yes it would be nice to have tons of stuff, but I want to make memories with her that she won't forget!! Here are some items that I would love if I was asking for things.....

We are going to go to Jacksonville for the night and then to the ZOO!!! Lily Jane loves animals and what a better way to let her see ton of animals.  I am so excited to spend this time with her...

What do you want for Mother's Day?????


  1. The zoo is always one of our very favorite things to do! We have been to more zoos around the country than anything else I think. HAve so much fun.

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

  2. Love the bag.

  3. Honestly I'd love an uninterrupted nap lol. I hadn't even really thought about...

  4. wow really very nice post thanks