Holiday Card 2015!!!

Happy Holiday's!! I hope everyone is going to be able to spend time with their family and friends. I am so lucky being a teacher I have 2 weeks off to spend time with my little Princess!! We finally got all of our Christmas cards in the mail.... Better Late then never!! I will post more pics from our family Holiday Session.... Our little one does not like to smile for photos so this is the best we got!! This is our first year ordering from Minted.com and we had such a great experience, they came in a  timely manner and were more amazing then online!! We will order from them next year. The only bad part is that they have SOOO MANY amazing choices its hard to pick... THE WINNER IS!!!!

These were the runners up!!


Happy Friday!!!

Can't believe Christmas is going to be here sooooo soon!!! We are trying to get all last minute items ordered bought and wrapped. This weekend it is going to be crazy we have so many Christmas parties. I think everyone looks at the calendar and picks the same date!!! We have to get a babysitter for all 3 nights to watch little Miss so this shall be interesting!!!

1) What is your top item that you are asking for??? I always have a hard time asking for things because I just buy the things I want throughout the year!!!

2) We are doing Spring Pre-Orders over on our Instagram :) Check Them out @shoplittlesugarplum 

 3) What is your favorite family Holiday Tradition. We started one with Little Miss this year and it is making homemade pizza and getting in our PJS and driving around look at Christmas Lights. She loved them.. Next year we are going to take her to Disney :) can't wait to see all the lights there

4 and 5) I hope to have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


Weekend Recap!!!

Why why do weekends go by so fast.....Someone please tell me.. We had so much fun!! It seems like the month of December  there is always something to do ;)

1)Friday- We started off going out to dinner with some friends and then we went home to put Little Miss to bed.. Jeff and I stayed up wrapping presents having our own little date night and watching a movie.. If you have seen a movie lately that is a must have I would love more movie suggestions!!

2) We woke up and were busy non stop. We first went to Market Days with my Mother in Law and we shopped and shopped!! I love buying sweet little things for the house that people make. I am all about supporting small business!!  Then we went to the Festival of Lights Parade and Lily Jane loves looking at all the lights.. My classroom kids also were performing so we went to watch them!! Later that night we went to a little park that puts up tons of Christmas lights with some friends :)
My mom had back surgery a year ago on Saturday and she did her first 5k post back surgery :) 

 Lily Jane was read to go shopping!!!!!

So tired from shopping!!!!

Sunday- We all went to church and then went to one of my best friends sons 1st birthday.. I love to see how our group of girls is growing with sweet little babies. I can't wait to see all the kiddos grow up together!!!!!

Happy Monday


Happy Friday!!!!

This week has gone by super fast, but has been crazy….

1) On Tuesday we got a phone call from Lily Jane's daycare, to come pick her up that she was sick :( I hate getting their phone calls. Thankfully my Mother In Law could go get her!!

2) We had an appt schedule for months to go to the Pediatric  Orthopedic dr for Lily Jane's leg..  Her foot turn in when she walks and our Dr wanted us to take her to go look at it. The dr was 2 hrs away so we get in the car to head there and Lily Jane starts throwing up…..WE had to turn around go give her a bath and get a new carseat.. It was a crazy start. Then we get to the Dr and waited 1 hour…. Then we meet with the Dr and they told us it would take 10 years to fix…. My heart dropped because I just want to help her and fix it for her…. Has anyone had any luck with treating this. I am thinking maybe physical therapy…….

3) Christmas Parade --  We are going to attempt to go to a Christmas parade this weekend.. Will give updates on Monday

4) Little Sugar Plum is running a 10 days Christmas Special…. Check us out


Thanksgiving weekend

I am so thankful for my family and friends. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I had 3 days off of work and it was so nice :) I am so sad we did not take hardly any pics (I can't believe it right ) But, I did go Black Friday Shopping and scored a ton of fun things!! I love the rush of getting good deals..

Lily Jane loves to pretend play and I know she will love this. I am going to add some curtains and monogram it for her!!!

We also got her a bounce house. We are not sure she will like it or not

What other things did you get for your 2 year old. She has so much stuff……….

What good deals did you get??


Black Friday+ Happy Shopping+ Little Sugar Plum Sale

HI!! I hope everyone is racking up on great deals this Black Friday!!

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!! 

Little Sugar Plum is having a great deal 30% of your whole purchase. Great winter outfits and stocking stuffers :)


Weekend Wrap Up.....Halloween

Happy November!!! November is going to be a busy month for us 

 *I have a trunk show :), Family Pictures, Wedding in Charlotte, Lily Jane #2 birthday, Thanksgiving :) Every weekend we have something

We had so much fun this past weekend. Lily Jane loved getting candy and wants to eat it all the time L I hope everyone has a great week !!!  Keeping it short and sweet!! Trying to recoup from the weekend.

Photo Shoot #1 Costume 

 Outfit #2 :)


Happy Friday....Pumpkin Patch... Beach.... Halloween

Wow!! Where has time gone... Already the end of October!!! Sorry for all the photo over load!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween, I can't wait to see all the cute kids in their costume :)

A couple of weeks ago we took Little Miss to the Pumpkin Patch and one of her little friends met us there and they had a blast :) His mommy and me were in the same kindergarten class together and have stayed friends since there.

Last weekend we went down to 30A and it was so amazing.. This time of the year is the best time to go because it is not so packed and the weather is amazing. The only bad thing was "red Tide" was bad there though and everyone was coughing.... They had the cutest fall/pumpkin festivals down there !!! Lily Jane had the best time and loves the beach :)