Friday+Sweet Summer Time // BUCKETLIST

I am counting down the days.. Only 2 more work days...AHHHHH I can't even stand it.. It is so close!!

This is the first Summer that the little Miss and I can really enjoy the summer together. With her attention span about 2-4 minutes I am going to have a calendar plan of actives each day for us. Here goes my Bucklist of things I am going to try and do with her!!!!

                                          Take a day road trip with Little Miss!!                                             Have a movie night with popcorn 
                                                     Make edible play dough 
                                Visit the Zoo, Little Miss loves seeing animals
                                               Create Cool-Whip painting 
                                                      Take a trip to the Lake 
                                                         Play with bubbles
                                                 Meet new neighborhood kids 

Make s'mores
Create a fort and tent in Little Miss playroom for her to play in 
Go swimming 
Go to the park 
Play in the rain 
Get snow cones
Mommy- go to the gym and try new classes
Mommy- go to the gym and try new classes
Mommy- get the house organized
Mommy- decorate the new house
Mommy- have a day to myself do anything I want  


Starting off with some moola.
Like, a lot of cash.
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Next up, this totally darling flamingo print.
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It's a Glasses kind of day: Firmoo Review

Who else thinks that shopping for glasses is frustrating and time consuming? Because of this I only buy glasses 1 time and they usually last for years because I hate going to pick out a new pair. . At the same time, I really only wear my glasses at night and sometimes during the week, so I hate to pay high price for them.A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Firmoo (www.firmoo.com), and online company that sells glasses at a great prices! All their glasses retail at around $39. You can go on to pick your lens strength and tint if you like. The sales team at Firmoo was so easy to work with, and super friendly with all of my questions. The other thing that I really loved was the speedy shipping. They came so much faster than I anticipated. They also have a option were you can upload your picture and see what the glasses look like on. These are the pair that I chose! 

I went with a pair that was a little different than the other pair that I own. I have never worn glasses with a lens this "big", but I really liked the look and decided to give it a go. These pictures are directly from the Firmoo site, where they give you a picture of every angle. After I filled out my settings and specifications, the glasses were shipped to me! They came with a drawstring bag to store the glasses in, as well as a really sturdy case. 

 I'm not one who likes to take close up pictures of my face, but I wanted you to be able to see the glasses on, so I gave in. Here are a couple different views of the glasses in action! (forgive me of the first pic It was a long crazy day) 

I think it will take a little time to get used to the bigger frames, but I love them so far! I wore them to work the day I got them and received a lot of compliments on them, with some asking where they were from. I love that the case is so sturdy - I don't have to worry about the screws getting bent out of shape and the case not lining up (issues I have had with other brands). They wear very well, and don't give me a headache after wearing for 12 hours at a time at work.The other great thing was that Firmoo has a ton of styles and options.
This was a sponsored post, however all the opinions are my own. I would highly recommend this brand to others, and will be using it again when I have to urge to try out a different style!Click on this link and you will get 15% of your first purchase!!


Moving+4 days +Amazing GIVEAWAY

AHHHHHH... we are moved in :) I love it.. I wish I could hire someone to come unpack my whole house and decorate it very cute.. Now the unpacking here was go.. We are trying to get adjusted to the new house and the 45 minute drive to work. At least I only have 4 more days of work!!!!!!!! I am counting down.. This post is going to be short and sweet. We have had a lot going on but are so grateful for everything that God has provided us and I will be back blogging at the end of this week. I can't wait to share all then new house things and before and afters. I hope everyone has a great week :)

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Starting off with some moola.
Like, a lot of cash.
$105 isn't anything to shake a stick at.

Next up, this totally darling flamingo print.
Done my Vicki.
She's going to be opening up an online art store on June 1st.
I, for one, can't wait!

Lastly, we have this adorable custom monogramed clutch.
Chelsea is giving this out, and it is oh-so-cute.
It's definitely worth checking out her shop on instagram HERE.

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 That's a wonderful group of beautiful women.
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Friday+Moving Weekend+Christmas PJS

Happy Friday!! 

This weekend is very bitter sweet for us. We are moving from our very first house.. This is the first house we moved into together once we got married. This is the house we brought Lily home to and she spent her first year of life. We will forever miss this house but know this is an end to one chapter in our life and we are starting a new chapter.. So exciting and scary at once..

Our First House..........


I know it's not even June yet but, as many of you know these pajamas sell out very fast.. Place your order to ensure your family will look festive and you get the right size🎅🎄!! Pre-order thru June 9. Discounts will be given if while family orders more than 2#christmaspj #familymatching 

Colors- green/white, red/white, red/green 

***I also have serval other designs and patters in my ETSY store

Children sizes/ 
Gowns 0-3 I have in different patterns let me know and I can show you !!!
6m, 12m, 18m, 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t, 6, 8, 10,12

Adult sizes

$30 Children includes monogram or name
$40 Adult includes monogram or name

How to order:
Comment size,color, and email. I will email you to get name or monogram and invoice


Pen Pal Update+ New Bachlorette

Good morning!! I hope everyone is having a great week. I want to start off saying I have really enjoyed getting to know some of you girls a lot better. I have loved our Pen Pals ;) They are so much fun getting little cute adorable notes in the mail when you least expert it. I need to reach out to all my Pen Pals in the midst of trying to pack my house and moving Friday I have no idea where my list went :( So if we are pen pals I need to update you with my new address!! I am also going to open it up again to anyone new that wants to be Pen Pals!! It is such a fun way to get to know each other and receive cute cards in the mail... If you would like to join please leave your e-mail address below!! If you need my updated address please email me or leave your address and I will email it to you!!!

Who is excited for the Bachlorette?? Who thought it would be Britt? Quite honestly I am glad it is Katilyn I don't think I could have watched Britt the whole season.. Who are your favs??


Weekend Wrap up!!!

This weekend we went to DESTIN and I wish I  never had to come back.. We went with another couple that had a little girl around Lily's age and it worked out so nice. They played together and had a blast..

Friday- Traveld to Destin and got take out!! We put the girls to bed and hung out and talked around the pool.. It was o nice to catch up with friends and just hang out!!

Saturday- We all woke up and loaded up in the golf cart!! Lily loved it and did not want to get off it...oops.. We went to the beach and the wind and waves were  so bad that it was red flags. We let the girls get wet but they did not care much over the water they wanted to play in the sand. They had a blast :) So cute!!
We then went back and played in the pool.. My little one is going to be a fish this summer. She loves water and the pool.. She cries when we have to get out. We will be going to the pool a lot this summer!!  The girls took naps and the Mommies got to get some sun! Then we all went out to eat and took some pics :)

Sunday- We dropped little Miss off at my moms so that we can pack the whole house.. MOVING SAT…..AHHHHHHHHH



Happy Friday!!! 5 Tips for Packing +Giveaway

Only a couple more weeks until my Summer vacation!!! With all the stress of selling and buying a house I am ready for it to be over!!! To celebrate the Mr. is taking me to DESTIN this weekend and I am so excited :)  I need a weekend where we can jut relax for a few days. We are then dropping little miss off at my moms and she is going to watch her for a couple of days so we can PACK the rest of the house up!!!!

5 Packing tips

I found these cute packing printable over at Iheartnaptime

1) Label each box with a certain color…So that the movers or friends moving can know what room to take things in.

2)How to move your clothes with out taking them off the hangers!!! I love this one since I have so many clothes 

3) Do you have a lot of jewelry that you are worried about getting all tangles?? I DO I DO.. How cool is this.. What a great idea to help pack all that jewlery

4) This is a great and easy way to pack some of your kitchen. Take Styrofoam plates and stack them in-between each plate to protect them. Also take wrap and just wrap your silverware without loosing all the pieces 

5) Last but not least, make a special bucket that will have your 1st day essentials so you are not trying to unpack everything looking for all that you need. What a great idea is this :) 


Here is a cute little shop on Instagram that is having a GIVEAWAY for either a girls or boys bathing suit…


Design Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was a hectic day… First I had the Governors wife First Lady Scott come read to my classroom….. talk about nerves.. I was so nervous but the kids did great they loved it. I have 1 picture that I could take and they had their own person taking pictures that they are going to give me a CD so I will share more when I get them.. It was such a great experience for the kids to get to meet her and how sweet she was!! 

As for Design Wednesday I think I am going to start taking Wednesday to talk about little projects going on with the new house once we move into the house and the process along the way.. Here is my first couple of questions. It is always nice to put it out there to see if anyone has used the same colors or use the same lights and get feedback!!!! 

We have a formal dinning!!! I am excited to have Thanksgiving and Christmas there but it then goes into my kitchen as shown in the picture. I do not like that brown color lol. but would you do a paint color that was similar to the one in the kitchen or do the same as in the kitchen so it goes?? Right now in the kitchen is SEA SALT and I was thinking to do either of these colors I painted on the wall? Comfort Gray, Woodlawn blue, and Palladian Blue 

Also, we need to get a new foyer light for when you walk in and at the top of the stairs.. I was looking at these 2 pendants. Any thoughts on these??? 

Last GRANITE vs. QUARTZ.. what are your thoughts for those of you that have either or??? Also any recommendations on colors..We are painting the cabinets WHITE DOVE !!! 


It's Monday+Governor's Wife

What a fast weekend it was. I feel like Friday comes and goes.. But I am starting to count down to my summer vacation only a few more weeks!! EKKKK

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day

Friday- The Mr. and I went to dinner and then went to our nephews tball game. It was so cute. Lily loves her nephew and calls him No no.. She tries to run out on the field and give him hugs and kisses it is the sweetest thing. I know years from now they will be so close and we will look out for her which i so sweet...

Saturday- We went to a birthday party for a sweet friend down the road.. It is going to be very sad when we move away and can't wait to his house to play. The little boys mom and I were in the same Kindergarten class together so we have known each other for a long time. We can't wait to watch them grow up together!! Then we went to the Parade of Homes and got to see some really nice houses and then some that were just ugly. I think sometimes people's taste is way over board and ugly... I am not sure I would spend thousands of dollars for a huge crazy multicolor glass light fixture.... but hey that is me. Saturday night we went over to Mr. parents house for dinner and to celebrate Mother's Day

One day I want to rip out the floors in our mud room and add these :) 

Sunday- We woke up and went to church and I was so excited because Lily and I had matching Lilly outfits. I need to dress her the same as long as I can before she wants to pick out her clothes.. I know the day she stars picking our her clothes that will be it... I then went and got a pedicure and manicure ;) while Lily took a nap it was amazing ;)

oh yeah I forgot to say I bought a bottle of Sangria and it was so yummy!!!

On a side note tomorrow our Governors RICK SCOTT's wife is coming to read to my classroom...AHHHHHHH I have to clean my classroom so much and we are all so excited. More pics to come