35 weeks

On the left was me at 36 weeks right before I had Lily Jane. On the right me with baby Boy, he sure is bigger

How far along? 35 weeks
Gender: Boy baby
Weight Gain? 30ish pounds
Maternity Clothes?   At this point anything that really fits... I have like 5 outfits that I keep repeating :) I am so close and can't wait to pull out all my Spring/Summer bright color clothes!!!
Stretch Marks? They are starting to creep out
Belly button in or out?  OUT :( with my first one my belly button never popped out so weird
Sleep:  Oh man this past week sleep has been about 2-3 hours a night. My back pain and leg pain have been so bad. I usually get up in the middle of the night and walk around and lay on the couch. I have been taking medicine to help get some sleep. I only take it about 2 times a week
Best moment this week:  Finished the NURSERY....Pictures will be coming soon!!!!
Symptoms:  Feeling huge and uncomfortable.....Every time I look at a picture is see how much water weight I have gained in my face and just feel ready.. I am also so nervous that the baby will come any day. Hubby has to go out of town 2 days next week for work so I am worried.
Miss Anything?  Just seeing my feet and sitting normal
Movement?  LOTS...he is a kicker but running out of room.
Cravings?  Starting to want sweets...This whole pregnancy I have not wanted really sweets and now I want them :)
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to? Each Tuesday for my DR.appt.. I went this week and was 2cm already. The Dr is thinking 2 weeks.. I will keep you posted.


Happy Friday....Mom Questions


1. On Tuesday I met with my Dr at 34 weeks and he told me he wanted to start once a week because he had a feeling this baby is coming early...I am super excited to meet sweet baby Porter but also, want him to be in as long as possible... So this weekend we are finishing up his nursery and packing a bag to have incase he comes within the next weeks :) How many of you went early with your second? Lily Jane came at 36 weeks.....only 2 weeks away

2. Mommy Hospital bag.. what was your number 1 thing you brought to the hospital that you could not live without there??? I need some ideas

3. Dairy Free coffee creamer?? Thinking of buying all my diary free stuff and starting next week so I am prepared when my little man comes.. Has anyone tired these Dairy Free creamers?


Bath time fun...Nuby Fun

What kid does not love bath time?Lily Jane loves bath time.. She will stay in there for as long as we would let her... It's so much fun to see her interacting with her dolls and having imaginary play, because so many times kids have a hard time with that and always want Mommy or Daddy playing with them.
We had a chance to receive the Nuby Roll-Up Bath Time Crayons. Lily Jane was so excited when she say this and said, " I can really color on the bath tub?" I responded to her with "Yes" She was like, mommy are you sure. She wanted to open them immediate but we told her she had to wait for bath time.  These Bath Time Crayons were amazing.... These crayons are perfect for any little one older than 2 1/2... My 3 year old loves them and she has so much fun drawing all over the tub :)
This pack of 5 bright color crayons easily wash off smooth surfaces. A plastic holder around each makes it easy for your child to hold and use. You can buy them Here- Bed Bath and Beyond or Here- BuyBuy Baby

To learn more about Nuby and see all the awesome kiddo products they offer, visit their social media below!
I received these products for review, but all opinions and recommendations are my own!


Happy Friday....Sweet baby Boy

Another Friday down....5 Friday's left maybe until we get to meet sweet baby boy :) We can't wait

1.This week we got to see baby Porter.. He is getting so big and they could see he already has hair :) He was moving all around. They say normally at 33 weeks you don't get to see good pictures of the baby, but we got some sweet feet pictures and his profile. I loved getting to see him, and can't wait to snuggle with him..

2.This week I made it a point to take Lily Jane to get ice cream.. Trying to get in last minute dates with my little girl before baby comes along. I know it will be so important to make special dates with her....

3. I got some new make up and I am loving it.. It is Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 1, and it goes on so smooth!!!!

4. Who is ready for the weekend?? I am so ready to put my feet up and rest.. We have 2 birthday parties to go to on Saturday....This momma is going to be tired..


33 Weeks

The clam before the storm

How far along? 33 weeks
Gender: Boy baby
Weight Gain? 26ish pounds
Maternity Clothes?   Maternity clothes- Heck yes. I am loving them at this stage, because I feel like overnight I get bigger and bigger.
Stretch Marks? Some.. More on my thighs then my stomach
Belly button in or out?  OUT :( the ejection button is getting bigger and bigger
Sleep:  Sleep what is sleep?? These past 2 nights, I have had terrible leg cramps and my right side has been crazy. I think little boy is sitting on my nerve causing a lot of pain. I get up in the middle of the night walk around stretch but nothing seems to help...
Best moment this week:  My hubby and I went on an overnight little trip and was able to spend time together and just talk.. It was so nice
Symptoms:  Feeling emotional.....Over the last 3 weeks I lost 2 people that meant a lot to me. So mentally and physically I am worn out along with being pregnant.
Miss Anything?  Just being able to breath and sit without having pain
Movement?  Lots of movement still. He is a kicker :)
Cravings?  Not really craving anything right now, think it is because I am also getting sick with a little cold...
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to? My work is throwing me a little baby shower tomorrow, so I am excited to celebrate with my work family and cherish these last few weeks before sweet baby comes :)  


Baby Shower...Baby W

This past weekend my Sister In law threw the most adorable shower for our sweet little boy!!!It was beyond amazing. I will share some pictures and the rest when we get them. One of my sweet friends who takes pictures was able to capture this amazing day... Literally it was just perfect. This passed week has been crazy, so it was nice to relax and spend time with family and friends!!!

*********BABY W has a name................................Porter :) ****************



This little outfit was one that his daddy wore....so sweet