Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!! 
This week has been a crazy yet rewards, and scary week, My post today is coming from Atlanta and will be short and sweet. 
I am currently at the Atlanta Market shopping until I drop.....I have BIG NEWS coming to the blog very soon and I am so excited for this new adventures.. I can't wait to share the news with you all very soon!!!!!!!


Parenting Tips

I am Co-Hosting Pincrazy Thursday with Keri and Elizabeth. These girls are amazing :) 

This week we are Pinning and sharing Parenting Tips.. I know I have only been a parent for 14 months but man it feels like longer. I know that with each stage I am always looking for ways to help me with my parenting skills. My Little one is just now walking and it is a whole new world.. She is into everything not wanting to eat anything buy fruit and it is driving me crazy.. So here are some of my Parenting Tips I found.. Can’t wait to see what you girls have!! 

I  found this amazing article it is really wroth a read.. I will share a few with you but go check out this sweet mommies blog.. Today is the Best Day 
#1 Take Time for YOU
#2 Life is better when you are laughing 
#7Don't Worry about the Joneses 

What a great idea is this. Put magentas on cups and stick them to the refrigerator so that the kids can get them their selves 

As a new mom it is nice to see other kids having melt downs because it makes me know I am not the only Mommy dealing with this….. 


Bachelor-Oh MY

On Monday it is my guilty pleasure to watch the Bachelor. I think I watch it to say what in the world is that girl doing. Sometimes  I feel so bad for some of these girls because they look so crazy on TV.. Last nights Recap….OMG what was going on with the AShley's last night… I think they have lost their minds and yet he keeps them.. This is when you think that the show makes him keep girls to keep the drama going and for views.. I know that there are so many things stage but in the end I really hope that Chris can find love.. I wish that they would make the dates for REAL instead of dates that are so far fetch that you would never do. I would fall in love with anyone if I was going on all these crazy amazing dates.. What was your thoughts last night?? Who is your fav?

He is such a cutie :) 

After last night I still like Whitney and I liked Jade

What was wrong with the Ashley's last night…….

And Kesley……….


Show me the Love

Last week I did a Valentine's Edition so I figured I would re-share it :) I am linking up today for some Show Me The Love Blog Part.. Here are my favorite Valentines Children's Book :)

I also got this adorable dress for my mini from Baby GAP :) 

As you girls know I am a 3rd grade teachers so I also have to find a book to go along with every holiday.. Here are some of my favorites and you can find them all on amazon!!! 


5 on Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

1) How many of you girls use a wifi camera card? Do you like it? Which one do you use? I am looking at getting one and not sure on which one to get..

2)I am so excited Spring is coming soon.. I love all the bright colors and the weather in Spring.. Here are my must haves….from J Crew Factory

3) I am not a huge huge fan of Pro Football.. I love College Football so much but I will be watching the Super Bowl with some friends and I really love the Super Bowl for all the yummy food :) Here are some things I am going to make and take with me to the party!!!

4) My husband and I have been talking a lot about needing a bigger house and so I have been looking at ton of pictures of what I envision my new house looking like. We need a bigger house as Lily Jane gets better we want her to have more space to move and we need an additional bedroom when we do decided to have baby #2.. Here is some inspirations I have found lately… A girl can DREAM Right :)

5) Essie Matte Gray Nails. Sometimes I like to try new things and I totallty went for it.. The gray was classic, but the matte finish was unconventional. I thought hey I want to try this… While playing around i came across this Essie  "Matte About You' Finisher" and I thought I have to have that.. It takes your nails from high-hlogss to matte in seconds. I bought Essie "Chincilly" which I think was the perfect shade of gray. I painted my nails with one base coat and then 2 coats of  gray. Then painted the matte finish and volia!


Pincrazy Thursday- Valentines Edition

I am Co-Hosting Pincrazy Thursday with Keri and Elizabeth. These girls are amazing :) 

Today for "Pincrazy Thursday", I am talking about Valentine's Day.. Do you have any little ones that you are looking for ideas on what to do with them. In our house we don't make such a big deal about Valentine's as we do for other holidays but I still do stuff with my mini. This will be the first Valentine's that she actually we be able to so stuff. I am going to  list some fun actives you you can do with your mini and some of my favorite Valentine's books I will be reading :)

Painting with your Mini is always so much fun and a keepsake that you will always have forever.. Click here to find out more ideas

I have a little Mini and I was having a hard time on what to take Lily Jane's classmates so I found this adorable Orange gift with free printable tags...Grab them here 
 Little kids love to use Sensory Bins. This also promotes tactile skills that help them with their fine motor skills. You can even start as early as 6 months. It is a great way to let your child explore with a variety of different materials. You can look into this Sensory Bin here

Also, I am in love with this Sparkly Geldough.. That Lily Jane would love.. Click here to find out the recipe

As you girls know I am a 3rd grade teachers so I also have to find a book to go along with every holiday.. Here are some of my favorites and you can find them all on amazon!!! 

The Williams Journey


The Bachelor

How many of you girls got suckered into the Bachelor?? I have…I finished watching Monday nights show..

My Favorite so far is.. Whitney.. I think she might win..

How many of you girls are doing the Bachelor Bracket? If so I would love to join you and see each week if we were right or not.. Its so silly I did this but funny in a way.. Let me know if you want to join up one day a week and talk Bachelor :) 


Weekend Rewind

Love having today off for MLK..This past weekend I went on a Bachlorette trip to St. Augustine and it was such a fun weekend but was so excited to get home and see my mini :) On Friday we drove down there and we got settled into the beach house we rented and all met each other and had dinner and talked to get to know each other.. Saturday I woke up and was so excited that we had a house on the beach so I got up and ran 2 miles which I was so proud of my self it took a lot to get up while all the other girls were sleeping..It was well worth it. Saturday we then went shopping at the outlets and then went to eat at the Colombia (a great restaurant) and walked around downtown St. Augustine.. I love little historical towns :) Then Saturday night we went out and bar hopped.. I must be getting old because I can't hang like i use tooo... at 12:00 I was ready to go home haha but made it to 2 am... Then Sunday we got up and headed home I was so sad to leave the beach but so excited to see my hubby and mini.. We also went looking at houses because hopefully we will be moving into a bigger home soooooon.....So happy that we get Monday off for MLK that we are taking Lily Jane to the ZOOO..... Happy Monday!!!!