Thoughts for Thursday!!!

I know that Jess has canceled Confessional Thursday after someone has steal her pictures and posed as her. That makes me so sad.. How can someone just take all her pictures and pretend that is her and her life.. I don't understand what is wrong with people. How do they think this is right. I hope they get in trouble for doing that..

It makes me think about what I post.. or even use watermark. I guess it can happen to anyone, just so scary.... This world is scary

I love blogging from all the amazing women I have met that I don't want to stop but will think about what pictures I post. How do you watermark your pictures? 

I confess.......I ate a whole tub of Gelato Ice cream this week.... (IT WAS SO GOOD) and it was a small tub.. 

What is your fav flavor??? 

I confess.. I hit my snooze button 4 times this week and was almost late for work :( I love sleeping 

Happy Thursday!!!! 


  1. That is psycho crazy....poor Jess!

  2. So scary to know what people will do to act as someone else. Watermarking is fairly easy, I'm happy to share how I watermark my pictures and personal content with you! Xo, Stephanie