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I think it is neat to be able to get to know other bloggers a little bit better. I am starting this ABC so other bloggers have a chance to get to know more about me :) If other Bloggers would love to do this and want to link my blog in their post that would be great and keep it going so we can learn more about each other!! ALSO ADD YOUR LINK BELOW!!!!!!!! Happy Wednesday. All you have to do is take the template and add your own answers

A-  Age: 26

B- Birthday: July 22nd

C- Color: Lime Green and Navy- Hint my wedding colors :)

D: Drink: Diet Coke and Coffee

E: Essential Item: My Planner and iPhone- My life would be a mess if I did not have these 2 things

F: Flashback: When I was in college we use to take girl road trips and we would have a blast, not really have a plan on what to do when we got there other then to relax

G- Gent:  Channing Tatum and he is such a cute daddy!!!

H- Hobby: Traveling, Monogramming, Shopping, Crating

I- Indulgence: Dark Chocolate

J-Job: I am a 1st grade teacher- most stressful, crazy, and oh so rewarding job.. I love the kids I have like my own and miss them each year

K-Kiddos- Lily Jane almost 3 months old on Sunday- The love of my life

L- Live: Florida :) sometimes I wish I lived in TN or back in NC where there was snow :) I love snow and true seasons 

M-Music: I love Country Music and sometimes I like music like Jack Johnson when I need to de-stress or am doing like yoga 

N-Nickname: Chels

O-Overnight hospital stays: The only time is when I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl :) Best hospital stay ever, but was ready to bring her home since we got woken up every like 5 minutes by a nurse 

P-Pets: No pets, to much work if you want to just leave for the weekend!! 


R-Right or Left- Right

S-Siblings: 1 Brother Cody, who has become by best friend. We use to fight all the time growing up now we are so close and I love it 

T-Temperature: I am Hot and Cold all the time, I can never make up my mind 

U-Univeristy: Flager College- Elementary Education Saint Leo- Master in Ed.Leadership 

V-Vehicle: Mazada CX9

W- Worst Habit- slurping my coffee

X- X-Ray: I have not had any fingers crossed :) 

Y- Yuck: I am not a big Feta cheese person or collard greens, lets me honest I am such a picky eater that I could go on and on.....

Z- Zoo: I love a lot of animals at the zoo- Lion, Monkey, Seals, Penguins 

Now it is your turn!!! Happy Thursday 

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