In School or Going Back to School??

I just finished my Masters several months ago and I wish I would have looked more into where I got my textbooks from. Let me tell you my textbooks were very expensive and I wish I would have researched other places. But let me tell you if you are in college or going to be going back to school you need to head over to CampusBookRentals where you can save money on renting textbooks and get FREE SHIPPING because in reality how much do you really use the textbooks anyways.

One plus about renting a textbook is that you can save 40-90% off and you can still highlight in the textbooks. They also have flexible renting periods that will allow you to have the book for the semester!  One thing that I really like about this company is that they donate to Operations Smile with each textbook rented. 

Operation Smile is an international charity that helps children that are born with a cleft. These children get a gift of having a normal smile and changes their lives forever!!!! This makes my heart smile to know a textbook company donates money to this organization for every textbook rental. 

Also, do you have any textbooks laying around that you were thinking about selling back? Well now there is a RentBack initiative that allows students to rent the textbook that they own to other students over and over again.  Who dose not like making more money!!!!!

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