5 on Friday

1. This week we had the painters come paint Lily Jane's room. I love how it turned out even though it is still has a little blue tint. I have learned that I can't sweat the small things and that it will look good once we add things to the walls and put the curtains up. This weekend our goal is to put the crib together and hang the curtains, more pictures to come this weekend :) 

2. There was a Smockaholic sale where I live last night. It is like a sale for gently used smocks that people want to sale. I got a 3 cute little dresses for my princess. I am in love with Smocks.

3. So, I have had this embroidery/sewing machine but never used the embroidery side and I tired it for the first time. I am getting addicted.. I want to monogram all her clothes and everything in my house. I already vinyl monogram everything. I still have a lot to learn and my first try with applique was very messy but I wanted to post my pictures of my learning stages, because I know some people out there think that the first project will be perfect but I am still learning :) 

4.  I really like the Critter chairs Pottery Barn kids has but they are $129 and I could not see my self spending that much money. Yesterday I was at Costco and they have almost the same chair for $20. I could not believe it. So I bought one for my nephew and Lily Jane. I was so excited!! 

5. I am having my first baby shower at my moms lake house next weekend and I am so excited. I can't wait to see what Lily Jane gets!!!!! 


  1. I am so tempted to buy an embroidery machine too, but I have a feeling I would be excited about it for about a week and then get bored haha!

    Love that little chair!

  2. I love the elephant chair, too! I'm glad you could find a good deal on one! Good job with the monogram! I'm forever sending things off to my mom's to monogram. :) Just jumping over from the 5 on Friday link-up!