Hooray it's Tuesday!!!

I am so grateful that today is Tuesday… Yesterday was a BIG BIG day for us. We had 2 closing and we were praying that they both went through and they did. What a  relief that was!! Thank you to all that had been praying for us. I am so glad that our new house is officially ours!!! Buying a new house was a very stressful process. I am so glad that my mom is a realtor and helped us the whole time. Selling our house was not bad at all the people that bought our house were so easy to deal with and made it so much easier. The people we were buying the house from was not fun at all :( I am just glad that we got through it and today is my last day at work for the summer!!!!!!!!!!

It's closing day!!!!!!

My favorite tips that my mom gave us going through this process:

1) Never back down….Put out there what you want and the worst they can say is NO
2) Always have a home inspection…We are so glad we got a inspection because there were things that were hidden that came up. We asked the seller to pay for and lucky for us they did 
3)Remember to forward your mail hahah!!!!
4) Start early with a bank in the process because we got screwed by our bank and had to go look for a new one :( 
5) Keep a notebook with everything in it. Contracts/recipets etc….

Would love to hear anyone else tips for buying a house!! 



  1. Congrats!!! What a big day for you guys! I used to sell real estate before staying home and it can be really stressful and some sellers and buyers can be awful to work with.

  2. We are just starting this process so thank you for the helpful tips!! Congratulations!!

  3. Congrats!!!! What a good day… closing and done with work :)
    And we have only bought a house, not sold and bought one at the same time… the idea of that stresses me out a bit!

  4. Congrats on the double closing, that is so exciting!!!!

  5. Congrats and so happy it was not a stressful ordeal for your family!! I know for some it can be a nightmare!

  6. Congratulations to you and your sweet family! Great tips too! Xo, Stephanie

  7. I know how buying a house can be stressful. It feels like your balancing a few things all at once, and you are afraid of making the wrong decision because it can put a financial strain on you. A home inspection is definitely always a good idea. And number one on your list, never back down, is very important.

    Martin Moran @ Buyers Agent San Antonio