Friday+Sweet Summer Time // BUCKETLIST

I am counting down the days.. Only 2 more work days...AHHHHH I can't even stand it.. It is so close!!

This is the first Summer that the little Miss and I can really enjoy the summer together. With her attention span about 2-4 minutes I am going to have a calendar plan of actives each day for us. Here goes my Bucklist of things I am going to try and do with her!!!!

                                          Take a day road trip with Little Miss!!                                             Have a movie night with popcorn 
                                                     Make edible play dough 
                                Visit the Zoo, Little Miss loves seeing animals
                                               Create Cool-Whip painting 
                                                      Take a trip to the Lake 
                                                         Play with bubbles
                                                 Meet new neighborhood kids 

Make s'mores
Create a fort and tent in Little Miss playroom for her to play in 
Go swimming 
Go to the park 
Play in the rain 
Get snow cones
Mommy- go to the gym and try new classes
Mommy- go to the gym and try new classes
Mommy- get the house organized
Mommy- decorate the new house
Mommy- have a day to myself do anything I want  


Starting off with some moola.
Like, a lot of cash.
$105 isn't anything to shake a stick at.

Next up, this totally darling flamingo print.
Done my Vicki.
She's going to be opening up an online art store on June 1st.
I, for one, can't wait!

Lastly, we have this adorable custom monogramed clutch.
Chelsea is giving this out, and it is oh-so-cute.
It's definitely worth checking out her shop on instagram HERE.

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  1. I Love your bucket list. You'll be making such special memories with her.

    1. Thanks girl!! I am so excited!!!

  2. Your bucket list sounds like so much fun for the both of you! You'll have such an amazing summer woth your little! Happy Friday:)

    1. Thanks I hope to take tons of pics to document!!

  3. I hope you have a great summer and are able to do everything on your list!

  4. Love your summer bucket list! Have a great weekend.

  5. Ooohh cool whip painting sounds fun! I may have to steal that one :)

    1. I just googled it :) seems like it will be fun I will let you know

  6. Your bucket list looks like so much fun! I love that you have some on there for just you! Making smores is always the best summer activity - you have to do it at least once :)

  7. Such a good list...it will be a fun summer :)

  8. I love your summer bucket list, such a fun idea!

  9. LOVE summer now that my littles are getting bigger, too! So what is a cool-whip painting? Sounds really neat!

  10. I will be stealing a majority of your summer
    Bucket list!!

  11. Every year when the end of school rolls around I am sooo jealous of educators that get to enjoy the summer! Have a great time making memories with your little one in a NEW HOUSE :-)

  12. This coming Friday is my last day! I love your bucket list. It's totally doable with a 2 year old and I really want to get some good 1:1 time with my daughter before her little brother comes.

  13. Love the bucket list, I just finished ours as well :) And I also call my daughter Little Miss too!

  14. Bucket lists are the best! Thanks for sharing yours! Can't wait to follow your summer! So fun!