Hey Friday!!!

This morning I have a job interview for a new school to teach at so please think of me ;)

This week has been a construction zone at the house. We have had to stay out of the house most of the day. We have had painters coming tree people, and roof people coming. I will be so glad when we can actually settle into out new home..

1) Have any of you girls moved with a little one? Lily has been so crazy this last week. Throwing down, crying a lot, not wanting to sleep and I am thinking it is the move and starting a new school so many changes for her but wanted to know if anyone else has been through that? Thanks

2)The massive construction zone out back.. Poor Lily wants to go outside so bad but the tree people are taking out 2 huge trees..

3) It's officially summer in my house!! Wednesday was my last day of work until Aug :) So excited.. Now let all the fun of unpacking a house.. 1 room at a time. What are your summer plans.. I am going to Boston in a week or so and I am so excited :)

4) New lights for the house... What are your thoughts about these 2. Has anyone bought these?? 

5. Enjoy your weekend with family time.. I know I get so caught up with everything that is going on that I am no cellphone or internet this weekend. I just want to be able to enjoy my little one and my Mr as he has been out of town the last 3 days.. I hope everyone has a great weekend...


  1. I love your plans for a no cell phone or internet weekend! My husband and I need to try to do that for a weekend (or at least for a chunk of time each day). And I like the first light fixture!

  2. Good luck this morning :) I can’t imagine moving with a little one – moving last year the two of us was hard enough… hope it gets smoother! Yay for summer!

  3. Good luck with the new job!! Prayers!!
    And I've ever moved with the hubs, we talk about how crazy it would be if we did it now. Just b/c of all of the STUFF we have accumulated.. haha! Have a great wknd!

  4. Good luck with everything! I really like both of those lights a lot - I don't think you could go wrong with either one!

  5. I love the first light!! super cute and fun!!! my good friends went through the same thing with their young child when they moved! Once they got settled in everything was good! It is probably just all the change!! It won't last long!

  6. I love your light choices, especially the second one! Good luck with the unpacking, that's a big job!

  7. I hope your interview goes well! I know that's always so nerve-wracking! Can't wait to see which light you choose but I really like the first picture. They both are gorgeous lights though!

  8. Praying for your interview this morning!!!!

    We moved when BD was 2 months old… again when she was 16 months old… and again when she was almost 2. So we have moved a few times with a little… but hopefully that was our last one for a while!!! I have a few posts on moving… but none on moving (http://www.ourlifeonabudget.com/search/label/moving) with a little… maybe I should write one since we have some experience!
    Hope y'all get settle soon!

  9. It's going to come together beautifully! Hoping you enjoy every second of your summer! Xo, Stephanie