My little girl.......FRIDAY

Lately dealing with Little Miss has been very difficult so I sat down and thought about advice or things I want to make sure I instill in her as she gets older... I LOVE HER WITH EVERYTHING and I know God is making me a stronger parent with all the struggles we face.

1.The world will try to get them to grow up too fast and it’s your job to keep them girls as long as possible.
2. Saying sorry is a sign of strength not a weakness
3. No prayer request is ever too small for god nor too silly or embarrassing to share.
4. Encourage and support their relationship with their father. They need you as their mother so much but they need to know a man loves them so they don’t fall for a boy pretending too.
5. Teach them the value of saving money so that hopefully someday they wont have to depend on anyone to take care of them financially. As Little Miss gets older I hope I can help here with this
6. Be careful how you talk about your body in front of them. You will become their example for how women should few their bodies. So speak kindly about yourself in front of them. I also try to limit body teasing or talking negatively about weight as much as I can in front of my daughter. I know she will start to notice and I want to have fitness a part of our lives and be an active family.
7.  Protect them but also teach them to stick up for themselves. The world needs more strong women. My daughter knows I’ve got her back but she has to give dealing with a problem a couple tries before I step in.
8. Compliment your daughter on things other than her beauty or appearance. She needs to know there is more to her self worth than beauty. So tell her she’s smart or funny or kind. Things that wont fade with time.
9. Set boundaries in your life with how people treat you. So that she can watch you and learn to do the same. We are their greatest teachers and they learn from what we do more than what we say. So if you are strong and demand being treated well there is a better chance she will grow up and do the same.
10. Follow your own dreams and passions. Set the example that what you love to do is important so that she will believe in her own dreams and passions. It’s why I share with her my blogging goals and achievements so she can know that I have goals and things I do that I work hard to be proud of.
11. Music makes everything better!!!!!
12. Love family date nights.. Make time for family time :) making memories will last a life time!! 

 I love my little girl even though at this point in life she is testing every button I have and is making me go crazy, I know that this will pass but at this time I love her with everything I have!! I know that her saying NOOO and tantrums will not last forever. I know that she will always be my baby girl... I hope that both of us can get throw this stage of almost terrible 2’s. 


  1. Wow, your little girl is adorable! And yes to #8, preach girl!

  2. I love that no prayer request is ever too small - so true! Miss Lilly is going to grow up into such a sweet lady with these values.

  3. This is SUCH a sweet post, loved it!

    I know it's hard at times and she tests your patience but like you said just remember it doesn't last forever. Other moms have gone through it too. You're not alone! Take some breaks and visit your girlfriends to keep your sanity :)

    You got this girl!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh my goodness, this post just melts my heart. My daughter turns 1 next month and I'm always thinking about this stuff and how to make sure I'm raising her right. Your little Lilly is a lucky lady!

  5. I've always felt like the hard times(behavior wise) ebb and flow. Just when you think nothing is working, it clicks and things go smoothly for a while. Then they pick up some new bad habit that needs training :p It's nice to have the occasional reprieve though!

  6. This was so sweet. It's hard raising kids and these are definitely things we need to be mindful of.

  7. No prayer request is ever too small is brilliant! Love love love that advice! She is precious by the way!

  8. Thanks girl :) It makes me stop and really enjoy being a Mommy!!!

  9. These are all so great and very true! She is absolutely precious and will be appreciative of all the love and support that you and your husband are providing her! Xo, Stephanie

  10. I love these. They are great and things I want to write down for my daughters as well. Thanks for sharing.