Five for Friday!!

Man I can't believe it is NOV 1 :) 45 days until we get to meet our sweet princess. My Five on Friday is going to be different this week. It has been a crazy, exhausting week. I will post more about my week this weekend. But with Halloween, and having classroom parties and going trick-treating with my nephews last night I am so tired. This weekend is a big game though for FSU... They play Miami and my brother and mom are coming in town so I am so excited.

How far along? 33 Weeks, 
Total weight gain/loss:  24 pounds so far. I am walking with a girlfriend 2-3 times a week to stay moving and doing Yoga on Sundays I hope it keeps the weight down.. I do Really like sweets and it is hard to pass them up :) 
Maternity Clothes? I am starting to love my new pants :) My arms are starting to swell a little so some of my old tops I were wearing are getting tight. I reused to go buy any more clothes since I have 45 days :) I am making things work 
Stretch marks? NO!!!!!
Sleep?  I am getting a lot of heartburn when I lay down so trying to prop my self up. Tried to sleep in big chair this week, then my neck hurt.. Its a give or take I guess
Best moment this week: Her big club chair rocker came in and I was so excited I just sat in her room for an hour !!! 
Have you told family and friends? YES!!!!
Miss Anything? Having a nice ice cold beer at the tailgates 
Movement: Yes.. she is very active and now has the hiccups 
Food craving: Chocolate :) 
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope 
Have you stated to show yet: Yes, everyday I think my belly gets bigger and bigger. Not sure how the body dose this but it is amazing 
Gender prediction: ITS A GIRL
Labor Signs: No not yet 
Belly Button in or out:  It's getting big and about to pop
Wedding Ring on or off? On :) 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Weekly Wisdom:  To not try and over do it. Take naps, and rest....... 
Looking forward to: Going down south for a baby shower and visiting my Dad!! 


  1. I have bad heart burn also! No fun! My little boy should hopefully be here tomorrow! I would love if you would come linkup with me today!

  2. I love the pregnancy updates! That will be fun to look back on! New follower from 5 on friday link up :)

  3. You look great! I had terrible heartburn with Autumn. I hope it gets better!

  4. Wow! How exciting- you're getting closer! I agree with Brittany, you'll REALLY be glad you did this and have fun reading back in a year or so. I did the same with my little guy and plan to do the same with any more kids we have.

  5. I can't wait to look back on how my pregnancy was when I have another kid :)

  6. Don't worry about your weight gain, you look great! I hardly know anyone that kept to that stupid 25-30 weight gain limit and I think a lot of people lie on their blog posts....lol. I gained 37 pounds when I was pregnant with Kennedy and my doctor said that was just fine.