5 On Friday!!!

So glad it is Friday!!!

1) I am starting to pack my bag for the hospital...AHHH on Monday I will be 4 weeks out!!!! I have been thinking since I will be home and it will still be cold, I need some cute Pajamas.. So I have been looking for some cute ones and these are my top pick!!!
From target
From Gap 

2) I have my last Shower on Saturday and its with my wonderful Bible Study girls and ladies from church... I can't wait to get all her stuff ready to go.. Getting more and more excited as it gets closer and closer to meet our sweet baby girl 

3) Where I live they are having a Coton Color Warehouse sale.. They only do it 1 time a year and it is always such good deals. My husband says I don't need to go but I am going to try and sneak over there and look around. I get all my Holiday serving dishes there, because they are so cute.. Here are some items that I picked up 

4) So is it to early to start listening to Christmas music.. Well this morning I was bringing it old school and was listening to this CD :) It made my day

5) I am looking for a newborn first Christmas out for Lily Jane. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can find a cute one? I have looked everywhere ;)


  1. oh girl, we BOTH have our minds on cute pjs this week. love!!! love those sweet plates too...a few of my girlfriends have the happy everything one. just so precious and fun!!! and that christmas cd will always be the best one! my absolute fave!! happy friday, pretty mama! xx

  2. I was obsessed with that CD! Actually, I was just obsessed with NSync. I wish they would go on a reunion tour lol

  3. Every year, I make my husband listen to the N'Sync and 98 Degrees Christmas albums! Love them both! Kennedy's Christmas outfit last year came from MudPie. It was a size 0-6 months though and was way too big but she still looked cute. :)

  4. I have been looking everywhere for a cute Christmas outfit for Pais and havent had any luck! I just found PJs in here size at Walmart! Look on etsy. They have some stuff thats simple. Carters has really dressy stuff which I wasnt wanting to do unless I have to. I have also thought about making a red and white tutu with some kind of onesie and some red leggings to go with it for Pais. Since I am not finding what I want, the tutu is sounding like a great solution! Hope you find what you are looking for!