Weekend Recap!

This weekend was a lot of fun but so tiring. We went to Orlando for a friends wedding and to do last minute shopping for the baby, because we don't have Pottery Barn Kids near or IKEA :)

First we went to IKEA to get picture frames to do a gallery wall above her dresser. Here are some of the frames we found. We also got just got some regular white ones too. I can't wait to put the wall gallery together. I am scared on how to go about it. I have found a lot of other bloggers that cut paper out and lay it on the wall with tape or lay them on the ground. ANY Thoughts?

Also, on Saturday before the wedding we went to a little restaurant to watch all the football games at 12.My Husband was so excited that TN beat SC... They needed this big win..... 


  1. Love the frames from Ikea! I would cut our paper and on the paper mark where the nail needs to go. That way once you get them on the wall the way you want you can hammer the nail in and have the picture in the right spot.

  2. loooove love the white frames!!!

  3. Thank goodness The Vols pulled out a win against USC! Now, it's time to prepare for Bama week! It's nice to find fellow Vol fans on Link Up Friday! Go Vols!