5 on Friday!!

I love Friday's because not only does it mean that it is the Weekend but I get to post my 5 on Friday!!!

1) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! Please remember to do self checks once a month and go to the doctor if you feel any lumps.  I have several people I know close to me get diagnose with Breast Cancer and most of them have been very lucky and are cancer free. It's important to educated everyone!!! Today we painted the town pink and everyone in my school and county was suppose to wear pink today!!

2) I love Fall air freshers. I went and bought some Apple Cinnamon ones and I can't wait for the cinnabon scent to come out..... 

3. I got some really cute outfits at my shower last weekend!! I can't wait to dress Lily up. Girl clothes are so much fun!!!! 

4. I just found out that JCREW now has a BABY line!! I am so excited.. I have been eyeing some items...... I might get her some Christmas gifts 

5) Before I was pregnant  I had thyroid problems but my levels were stabled that they were not concerned. When they have been doing my blood work while I have been pregnant by levels have been crazy. This week I went to the endocrinologist and they said there is nothing they can do right now that I am pregnant but once I have the baby they can really figure out whats going on. I am hoping it is not much and they can just give me medicine and I will be ok. I am doing my research on Hyperthyroidism now and making sure I am educated. Has anyone ever had problems with Hyperthyroidism 


  1. is the new jcrew baby line a good excuse to start a family?? hahaha i'm loving that!!! i've always told my hubs that when we had kids, i wanted them to wear everything j-crew and janie and jack...too much cuteness!!

  2. I'll lift you up in prayer that your thyroid levels smooth out. I have several family members that struggle with thyroids. I've been meaning to pick up stuff for fall, but every time I go to Target, I end up distracted and purchasing other stuff. Like this past weekend instead of getting supplies to make a wreath, I got new camera for my vlog.

  3. I love the name Lily! If I didn't have a friend with a little girl with that name I would for sure name my daughter it! Sorry to hear about your thyroid. I'm sure you've heard this, but better to be hyper than hypo. I mean maybe not actually but at least you aren't stuck with the fatigue and weight gain hypo gives you! Hopefully you'll get it all figured out once you deliver!

  4. Thank you guys for your support through this time. I know it will all work out and it really is just a waiting game.... Thanks for stopping by my blog :)