Roll CALL...Tuesday

I've been seeing this post on a few of my favorite blogs and I LOVE the idea!  It's a great way to get to know readers better and to interact more (just make sure you're not a 'no reply commenter' so that I can respond by email).  I love getting the change to interact with my readers, it makes me so happy J


With being pregnant with the second it is hard to make time or even have my mind clear to sit down and type out a post. I am hoping that it is going to get easier. How do you write your post with your buys schedule?


      Please Comment below with:

Your Name
Where you Live
What do you love about fall
If you have kids how many



  1. Your Name: Annie Malone
    Where you Live : Pensacola, FL
    What do you love about fall: The weather, football, and pumpkin everything!
    If you have kids how many: 2 kids. 3 year old & 1 year old!

    1. Football is deff our fav :) How do you manage both kids?

  2. Your Name: Natalie
    Where you Live: Annapolis, Maryland
    What do you love about fall: The weather, fall fashion, and my PSL ;)
    If you have kids how many: 2 boys- 3 years old and 23 months old

  3. Your Name: Ashley
    Where you Live: Southeast Arkansas
    What do you love about fall: Football, cooler weather, the fall decor.
    If you have kids how many: 1 boy named Jack Henry

    1. I love that name Jack Henry so cute

  4. Your Name: Camille
    Where You live: Napa, California
    What do you love about fall: The weather, the smell and feel of harvest in Napa, lazy football Sundays. :)
    If you have kids how many: We have one sweet little boy, Grayson Brooks, 21 months old.

  5. So fun Chelsea!
    your name: Shelly Janac
    Where do you love: College Station, TX
    What do you love about fall: cooler weather, layers and pumpkin everything
    Kids: I have two grown kids...jordan (26), Riley (23) and my two littles Dillon (14) and Carly Jo (11)

  6. Your Name: Mindy
    Where you Live: North Carolina
    What do you love about fall: Football, chili and soups, leaves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cooler weather, fall clothes...basically everything!
    If you have kids how many: 2-- a girl (2.5) and a boy (4.5 months)!

    1. How do you handle 2 kids? We are about to have another and trying to figure it out

  7. Fun!

    Your Name: Crystal
    Where you Live: Texas - about 35 miles south of Dallas
    What do you love about fall: Absolutely everything! The weather, pumpkin patches, boots & scarves, college football, crockpot meals, pumpkin everything, festivals and carnivals, camping in the fall, decorating the porch, etc!
    If you have kids how many: Just one, a six year old boy!

    1. The boots are my fav :) Fall is amazing

  8. Natalie
    Baltimore, MD
    Wearing boots and drinking warm coffee
    0 currently but we say one day we want 3!

  9. Such a fun idea!

    I'm Elenie (sounds like Melanie without an "M" ;)
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Fall weather! Being from Alabama, the cooler weather is much welcomed after our scorching hot summers. Also, there seems to be something fun happening all the time in fall. Football, hayrides, bonfires. Love it!
    I have one son, Cooper (4). He's a hoot!

    *Your blog is precious! Glad I found it through the Friday link up.

  10. This is so great! Sorry I'm a little late to the game :)

    I'm Kristi
    Minneapolis, Minnesota (but grew up in Niceville,FL)
    I love the coziness of Fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes - these are a definite favorite :)
    No kids as of now - my husband and I are trying :)


  11. I'm Lisa
    We live in Dublin, CA but I'm a VA girl
    I love pumpkin everything (just like everyone else) and my birthday and my daughters are both in Oct. (as well as our anniv)
    I have 2 kids in college...but don't feel old enough ;)