Pregnancy.......Week 15

Sorry the picture is not the best :(


Weight Gain: Last time I was at the dr. I had lost 2 pounds.. I am eating all the times I can but still can’t gain weight.

What's Happening: I can’t feel the baby yet. I can’t wait until I do. As some of you know I have hyperthyroidism so my levels have been so crazy. They are trying to figure what to do. They think I might have Graves’ Disease. Not sure what to think.

Feeling: I feel so very tired still. I think with my levels off it just makes me crazy. Most of the day I feel ok and then at night is the hardest.

Sleep: Sleep comes and goes. Some nights, I sleep great, but others, I toss and turn for hours.

Wearing: Regular dresses, and tops that are a size larger or looser fitting. I don’t really like pants right now.

Exercise: I'm not following an exercise plan per se, but I try to be active chasing a 2.5 year old around the house after work. I can’t seem to find the motivation to work out. I am so tired all the time.

Eating: I craving salty foods J I am liking beagle bites all the time. Not sure where this is coming from. Eating good right now just doesn’t sound good.

Missing: Running, Coffee, soft cheeses, and my normal body. Trying to play with a 2.5 year old sometimes is hard and not being able to carry her as much.

Thoughts: This pregnancy has gone by so fast with already having a little one to keep you busy. I am nervous about the blood test in 2 weeks to see if my levels have gone up and if I do have Graves’ Disease. It is all in God’s hands and I know he will protect us. We will find out what we are having Oct 31st !

I  feel so bad with the first one I was really good doing updates and taking pictures. The second one I have been slacking and not with it as much. I feel like there is so much going on I don't know how to handle or juggle it yet. This is defiantly going to be a learning process to transition.


  1. You look great!! Hoping you get good news in a couple weeks with the tests!

  2. Don't feel bad. I struggled to keep up with updating everything for my #2 pregnancy and it hasn't been much better since he was born lol. Just give it your best. It's crazy when you have little ones lol.

  3. You look great! Praying for the tests to go well.

  4. Congrats!! The second time around is so much more exhausting and draining because you have to chase a toddler around. Good luck with all your tests and praying everything works out for you! You look adorable!

  5. You are darling and hopefully the tiredness will pass soon. I remember with both of my pregnancies being tired and feeling pretty yucky (especially with the 2nd) I also developed insomnia when I was pregnant with her...not fun. Hang in there. You're going to have such a beautiful little package in the end❤️