Happy Friday!!

Sorry I have been MIA this week.. It has been a crazy week... I have wanted to hug my little one harder and longer than ever before..

I pray for all the families this week that were hurt by all the tragedy in Orlando. I can't even sit here and image. What is this world coming too? Its very scary.. All I can do is PRAY HARDER TO GOD!!

This week I accepted a new job and I start on MONDAY.. I am very scared and excited. I am taking a leap of FAITH.. I hope God is leading me in the right direction. I will see how it goes... Please say a prayer for me on Monday..

This week Little Miss finished 2 weeks of swim lessons. She did great!! So proud of her. She cried the first week then the second week was so much better.

This week I also repainted a cabinet in the bathroom and it turned out so good. I used Amy Howard Chalk paint :)

This weekend we are heading to ATL to audition for Family Feud.. I can't wait to write my post about how it went and give all the details!!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. We will be celebrating the Mr. in ATL :)


  1. Oh my gosh I'm dying...family feud!!!!! Your sweet girl has gotten so big.

  2. I know, all the Orlando stuff is so heartbreaking!!

    Your cabinet turned out great! And yay for swim lessons!