OHHH LALALA Minted Does it AGAIN!!!!

I am so sad that Lily Jane's birthday is coming up.. How is she already almost 2 :( where does time go?? We are gearing up for her birthday party.. One place that I always turn for Birthday Invites and other fun stuff is Minted.com. They always have amazing cards and they are always trendy!! We also always get our Christmas cards from there!!

These are some of the Birthday invites I am looking at!! I had no idea that they offered decorations too. It is truly a one stop shop!! For a busy momma it makes it so easy to go to one place and not have to go to tons of other websites and everything matches!!

Here are some of our top picks!!
How darling is this PJ Party theme 

Floral Garden Party  

Since we have moved into our new house we have been looking for unique art work to go on some of our empty walls. Did you know you can buy artwork prints from Minted.com. You can buy them framed or unframed!!

Here are some of the ones we are thinking about ordering!!

Also, I like to get ahead start on looking at Christmas Card designs!! Here are my Top Picks!! Can't wait to share with you all the ones we picked!!! I like that these cards always come printed top quality and our family and friends always love them!! I also love that they give you Free Recipient address!!


  1. I love the pajama party! Our girl is turning 3 in April and I'm doing a rise and Shine theme. They will come for brunch where I'll serve breakfast foods and they'll wear their pajamas. I have no desire to rush this though. When she turns three she'll be closer to kindergarten than birth :(

  2. Love that they offer party decor. I'm a huge Minted fan! We always order our invitations/cards there

  3. The pajama party one is my favorite. Super cute!!

  4. I've never ordered from Minted...but I've had so many friends that have. They have beautiful cards and designs. I may just have to use them this year.

  5. Minted as become my go-to for invitations, gifts and a few pieces of wall art too! Loving it! Xo, Stephanie