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I am Co-Hosting Pincrazy Thursday with Keri and Elizabeth. These girls are amazing :) 

This week we are Pinning and sharing Parenting Tips.. I know I have only been a parent for 14 months but man it feels like longer. I know that with each stage I am always looking for ways to help me with my parenting skills. My Little one is just now walking and it is a whole new world.. She is into everything not wanting to eat anything buy fruit and it is driving me crazy.. So here are some of my Parenting Tips I found.. Can’t wait to see what you girls have!! 

I  found this amazing article it is really wroth a read.. I will share a few with you but go check out this sweet mommies blog.. Today is the Best Day 
#1 Take Time for YOU
#2 Life is better when you are laughing 
#7Don't Worry about the Joneses 

What a great idea is this. Put magentas on cups and stick them to the refrigerator so that the kids can get them their selves 

As a new mom it is nice to see other kids having melt downs because it makes me know I am not the only Mommy dealing with this….. 

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