Bachelor-Oh MY

On Monday it is my guilty pleasure to watch the Bachelor. I think I watch it to say what in the world is that girl doing. Sometimes  I feel so bad for some of these girls because they look so crazy on TV.. Last nights Recap….OMG what was going on with the AShley's last night… I think they have lost their minds and yet he keeps them.. This is when you think that the show makes him keep girls to keep the drama going and for views.. I know that there are so many things stage but in the end I really hope that Chris can find love.. I wish that they would make the dates for REAL instead of dates that are so far fetch that you would never do. I would fall in love with anyone if I was going on all these crazy amazing dates.. What was your thoughts last night?? Who is your fav?

He is such a cutie :) 

After last night I still like Whitney and I liked Jade

What was wrong with the Ashley's last night…….

And Kesley……….


  1. Whitney is still my favorite! I like Kaitlyn too, the dance teacher. Both the Ashley's are crazy. Thankfully he sent the blonde one home. The virgin want to be Kardashian Ashley is just awful! I don't know why he keeps her around. I'm also confused as to why he keeps Kelsey, he doesn't seem to have anything in common with her.

    1. I know its crazy.. I really think it is for reviews :)

  2. I liked Jade until I heard she is a former playboy model who posed completely nude, yikes. Whitney and Kaitlyn are my favs! Ashley I. is sooo annoying!!!