Weekend Review

Lily and I look forward to Fridays because Daddy will be able to spend all his time with us over the weekend and wont have to work. Last week Lily and I went to visit my mom in AL so we were away from each other for 4 days/3 nights. It was very hard because we both missed him. So we decided that this weekend was family time and that we were not going to be on the computer or anything but spend time with each other. It was very nice.. Friday night we got take out and enjoyed watching a movie Real Steel. At first, I did not like the movie but it turned out really cute and I liked it. So if you are looking for a good movie Real Steel will be a good choice. Its 2 years old. We also went to Costco and the grocery store because we had no food. I love Costco and all the free samples you get.. Then on Sunday, Lily Jane went to church for the first time and did a great job. I can't wait to raise her up to know God and have a relationship with him. I think it is very important to teach her about him :)
She has a Fur VEST!!!!! Ready for the cold weather

Ready for Church 

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