Lily Jane 2 Months

Dear Lily Jane,

Happy 2 months today the joy you have brought Daddy and me is indescribable. At your doctors appt you weighed 9lbs 8oz and was 21 inches. You also were sick at your appt and were not able to get your shots. They think you have acid reflex and gave you baby Zantac. I hope this helps you because you are still very gassy and it breaks mommies heart to see you in pain. You are still 100% breastmilk!! You are now wearing newborn clothes and some 0-3 months clothes. You got promoted to size 1 diapers and they are still kind of big on you. You are starting to make adorable sounds and are very alert and we even get a lil smile here and there. Ceiling fans and lights are your favorite things to look at. You also like playing on your play mat. Tummy time is not your favorite , but we work on it every day so that your neck will be strong. Bath time is starting to become popular with you, because you are starting to like them and love the lotion massage that yo get after bath time.. Sleeping is still a challenge for you. You don't like to take naps during the day because you are scared you are going to miss something.  You are sleeping 5-7 hours at night and started in your crib. Bed time is 8:30 and you normally get a bath, have story time (that your daddy loves to do) and get swaddled in your miracle blanket !! Your orange pacifier has been a life saver and you absolutely  love it.  Aunt Lauren from Boston came down to visit you and you loved spending time with her.. Someday you will be in her Wedding :)We went on out first road trip to your LULU's house to visit with them for a few days and you LOVE Car rides!! You will enjoy her house this summer because she lives on the lake and has a lot of fun toys for you. I hope that you continue to laugh each day and grow big! Mommy and Daddy Loves you to the Moon and Back

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