5 on Friday

I absolutely love writing my 5 on Fridays. I am so glad that these wonderful ladies started this......

One of my best friends in flying from Boston to visit Lily Jane and me this weekend. We are so excited,  I have not seen her since our wedding 2 years ago. Wow 2 years ago, time surly flies by. I met Lauren in High School when I lived in Concord. NC which is outside of Charlotte. We were on the same competition cheerleading squad and became best friends right off the back. I always wanted to be sisters with her.. I then moved back to FL my senior year in high school and was so sad to leave such a good friend. Lauren and I's friendship has grown so strong over the years. I also got married and the weird part is we got the same last name now ( we are sisters haha)!!!! When we see each other its like we have not been apart.. I can't wait for her to me Lily Jane :)

Oh Mommy hood....... These days I barely have time to take a shower, while trying to make sure Lily Jane is fed and not crying, or tummy time, or running errands...So I found a product that I really love and wanted to share.. How many of you don't have time to wash your hair everyday?? MEE, I found a dry shampoo that works amazingly....  

You can find it at Walmart or Target!!! 

Lily Jane will be having her 3 month photo shoot soon, so I need to find cute Ideas on what I want to do with her... here are some ideas I have.. Tell me what you think. I need to find cute outfits and bows for her!!!

 I got cleared from my doctor that I can start exercising again. I am so happy, but not have to find time to do it. When I went to the gym or went for a run it was my time and I was able to clear my head or just focus on me for a few minutes. So now I have to find time to be able to go to the gym or for a run. Mommies out there how do you find time to go to the gym? I found this cute sign that makes me think of working out!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and can't wait to post pictures from the weekend with such a great friend... 


  1. Hi Chelsea. I'm stopping by from the link up. Those baby bows and pearls are adorable! Good luck finding the perfect outfit and have a great weekend with your friend! I blog over at http://perpetuallydaydreaming.wordpress.com.

  2. I am so happy u found my blog!! Yes I love the bows and pearls too.. can't wait to see how the pics turn out

  3. Polkadot and posies is where I buy all of Kennedy's bows at! They are good quality bows for a great price and they have a wide variety. They are an online store. Have fun with your bestie this weekend!

    1. Good to know.. I will have to check it out right now :) Thanks

  4. All of those baby pictures are adorable!! #2 and 3 are my favorite :) Have fun with your BFF this weekend!

  5. So fun that you and your friend now have the same last name! Enjoy your time together!!

  6. Hi! I saw your comment on my blog and headed over. :) I've heard about the One Stop Bow Shop on several blogs. I haven't ordered any yet, but they have a great selection and the prices aren't bad at all! Enjoy your week!