33 Weeks

The clam before the storm

How far along? 33 weeks
Gender: Boy baby
Weight Gain? 26ish pounds
Maternity Clothes?   Maternity clothes- Heck yes. I am loving them at this stage, because I feel like overnight I get bigger and bigger.
Stretch Marks? Some.. More on my thighs then my stomach
Belly button in or out?  OUT :( the ejection button is getting bigger and bigger
Sleep:  Sleep what is sleep?? These past 2 nights, I have had terrible leg cramps and my right side has been crazy. I think little boy is sitting on my nerve causing a lot of pain. I get up in the middle of the night walk around stretch but nothing seems to help...
Best moment this week:  My hubby and I went on an overnight little trip and was able to spend time together and just talk.. It was so nice
Symptoms:  Feeling emotional.....Over the last 3 weeks I lost 2 people that meant a lot to me. So mentally and physically I am worn out along with being pregnant.
Miss Anything?  Just being able to breath and sit without having pain
Movement?  Lots of movement still. He is a kicker :)
Cravings?  Not really craving anything right now, think it is because I am also getting sick with a little cold...
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to? My work is throwing me a little baby shower tomorrow, so I am excited to celebrate with my work family and cherish these last few weeks before sweet baby comes :)  


  1. You look beautiful! Your baby boy will be here before you know it! Cherish these last few weeks of sleep! ;)


  2. Oh my goodness. I did the exact same questionnaire through my pregnancy on my blog. Sweet memories. You will be so happy you kept up with it all. Congratulations! :)

  3. You're getting so close!! I remember just being so over it at this stage, especially the second time around.

  4. How fun you and the hubby got away alone!

  5. You look amazing! 33 weeks is getting really close :)

  6. Your bump is too cute and yay for being so close to the end :) Sending good thoughts your way! XO

  7. Yay for making it to 33 weeks. You look amazing!!!

  8. Thank you girls so much!!! I means a lot for your sweet comments.