Happy Friday....Sweet baby Boy

Another Friday down....5 Friday's left maybe until we get to meet sweet baby boy :) We can't wait

1.This week we got to see baby Porter.. He is getting so big and they could see he already has hair :) He was moving all around. They say normally at 33 weeks you don't get to see good pictures of the baby, but we got some sweet feet pictures and his profile. I loved getting to see him, and can't wait to snuggle with him..

2.This week I made it a point to take Lily Jane to get ice cream.. Trying to get in last minute dates with my little girl before baby comes along. I know it will be so important to make special dates with her....

3. I got some new make up and I am loving it.. It is Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 1, and it goes on so smooth!!!!

4. Who is ready for the weekend?? I am so ready to put my feet up and rest.. We have 2 birthday parties to go to on Saturday....This momma is going to be tired..


  1. Your special dates with Lily Jane are so fun and something she'll definitely cherish! :) Happy Friday!


  2. That foot picture is so precious!!! Those are my favorite kind of ultrasound photos since their faces are so bony at that point. I tried to make a point of spending a lot of alone time with my daughter before our second arrived too!! Oh and the name Porter - LOVE IT! Found your blog through the linkup. Hope you have a great weekend with your feet up!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by our linkup this week. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well! Julie from BormandCo.com